Ice Cream Friday, Egg Substitutes, & the Terrifying Life of a Cricket

September 18, 2020

 When school started I decided it was high time to start a tradition with just Mom. Every Friday we stop somewhere and get ice cream on the way home, and eventually when Elliot is riding with us we will let him participate too lol. 

Daddy doesn't get to be apart of this. 

It's an exclusive club. 

Today I laughed harder in that classroom than I think I ever have, you see we are in the process of studying ecosystems and putting our terrariums together. 

You'd think "no big" but I'm here to inform you that crickets and pill bugs are a big. 

I got my too boys from today's class and thought they would do the dirty work and I could avoid the crickets. I'm not a fan of touching crickets. Well, they were spastic while I picked out pill bugs for the terrarium. So I had a feeling crickets were going to go south. 

Was I ever right. 

Screaming ensued. The girls came running... I have no idea why because they also screamed and jumped around. 

Then... one brave girl accidentally got one cricket into the box without touching it. 

It was so bad one of my students was crying out of fear... she was afraid they would get her. 

Lucky for them it was then recess and we took a cricket break, lucky for me I knew who I would enlist from the other class to save the day. 

My next student came in and scooped out the crickets for our tubs, kid #1 showed back up to conquer his fear... in the most hilarious manner. He was still yelping and jumping, but constantly telling himself the crickets wouldn't bite. 

Who knew a bunch of big tough boys would lose it over a jar of crickets 😂. 

I've been sore as heck lately and it caused me to drag out my beloved yoga mat and bust out the Travis Elliot workout. I made it 22 minutes into Flexibility before I was needed elsewhere... and after that I might take out the entire 108 Days DVD set and start doing it again after we move. I needed it, and after not doing yoga for two years since we have been renting and in smaller spaces I have missed it. 

I've never been one to plan elaborate parties for the kids, but closing on a house next month is getting me excited to do something fun. So I think I'll pull from my favorite movie and have a tiny family party for Elliot. How cute is all of this!? Plus, I think I'll make that cake with the Pioneer Woman Chocolate Sheet Cake that is so divine... just make sure you accidentally use half salted butter because it actually made it so super good. 

Friends, it was 78 outside this afternoon when we got home and I spy leaves. I think my favorite time of year is finally here!! 

Harrison has been asking me every morning if we were going to listen to the bible, Morning Word recently started a podcast that is about 5 minutes long each day. It reads through the email they send... which is great because I honestly find myself searching for free time to read through it daily. 

After a few days he started asking about different bible stories and I came across this By Kids For Kids Bible Stories and he loves it. They tell bible stories in a way that reminds me of the old radio stories. 

I've made some further updates to my beloved chocolate chip cookie recipe and I finally got it perfectly chewy and yet crunchy on the sides and bottom. 

But this week I ran into an snag when we were out of eggs. Pinterest to the rescue. Turns out 2 tbsp water + 2 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp vegetable oil is equal to 1 large egg and you'd never know you were missing that egg one bit. 

A house full of college kids can attest to this. 

What do y'all have planned for this weekend? 

I think it's high time I make another Trader Joe's run, there's only one freezer meal left.