A Little Bit of Life Lately

July 27, 2019

Month 8 for baby bits has been a rough one. I've finally convinced him to sleep most of the night and only eat once, which is a big win for the baby that doesn't drop feeds on his own. He's also somewhere between busy and needs Mama to hold him constantly. 

I had my annual balayage and Clean Juice splurge. I usually wait until Oct-Nov but with big things on the horizon for us I have had to clean up all loose ends here. We are talking to a church near Birmingham and with school starting in a hot second the end of the process is moving a touch quick. Everyone blame me lol. I would piddle around on the job front and let things drag slower but the seasonal nature of teaching freaks me out. I'm not a teacher who works out of a love of the profession alone, two people going through graduate programs (which actually gathered less debt than undergrad) need to be paid off.

So that's basically a brain dump. While still vague. It's just odd, this could very well be our last Sunday in this town. So I've pushed up a baby well visit, colored my hair 3 months early, and am on a tour-de-friends. Now this is a place we will come back to visit. These people and this church are family. Flat out family. They surpassed friends a long time ago.

One of the hardest parts has got to be that one of our dearest friends is due to have a baby very soon. So if she wanted to make that appearance before Labor Day (wink wink Baby M) I wouldn't be mad about that... and I'd quickly jet here to see her.

This picture serves no purpose except for this mama to compare two kids. I took the same photo of Harrison at this age. Wiggling. Sprawled across my lap. Giggling about nonsense. 

Something odd has happened this summer in Louisiana, we've had a few cooler days at this point in summer that have allowed for daytime outside play. A few days ago we sat outside while Harrison gathered sticks and pretended to be Donnie from the Ninja Turtles.

Okay, the polenta bowl. 

This was more of a grits bowl seeing as I did not have any polenta but a ton of grits already on hand. All I did was make grits, add in butter and I decided to also toss in some cheese. Then I roasted cauliflower, broccoli, sliced red onion, Aidell's Chicken and Apple Sausage - all roasted and topped on the grits. It was really good, even Jeremy approved. 

And that's about it.