Meal Planning Monday

August 2, 2020

Meal Planning Monday is taking a different spin this week. I've largely given it up, while still actually meal planning, during this pandemic. 

To be honest, I've grown sick of cooking. I don't want to decide what to eat or cook. 

Slap on top of that the traditional "we moved 10" that I like to gain, and it's time for more than just MPM. I need to get back to being that health nut I was oh so long ago... roughly 21 months ago. 

Pre-pregnancy, although I did great during that last pregnancy. 

Primarily, pre-move. This past year was rough on me, just like when we first moved to New Iberia. The only issue with the New Iberia move was that I got pregnant after gaining my "sad weight" and never got rid of it. Here we are now, two kids, second move, and I got winded going up stairs at work. 

You might be saying to yourself "Emily you're skinny." That I am - ish. 

But 5 months of pandemic and not eating well the past 12 has not been my friend. 

So tomorrow, Monday, we getting back to healthy around here. 

Here's my way too elaborate meal plan: 

It's the brick system from Christmas Abbott, I'm not saying the name of the book because I don't like the name of the book. However I had a friend do this before her wedding (while I was steading gaining baby with Elliot) and she looked incredible. 

So we gonna kick start it with this, then go back into the Faster Way macros I really loved before/during pregnancy. This isn't flexible. It isn't even that exciting. 

I'm having two "cheat" meals a week, dinner out Saturday and then our traditional Trader Joe's Chinese freezer meals. It'll slow things down a bit, but sometimes that "re-feeding" idea from my Keto days works. Jeremy will do better with two meals a week off. I don't really plan to kill the man for his 36th birthday. 

At the moment I'm baking the egg muffins from the book, they're actually a snack, but I'll be adding fruit and calling it a grab and go breakfast. I think I want to grill the turkey burgers, but ole Jeremy needs to do that when he gets home. 

I won't lie to y'all, meal prepping for yourself is one thing... meal prepping for your husband who won't eat all the health nut food happily is another. One of the first arguments we ever had as a married couple was over whole wheat pasta. 

I'm a former gym rat who lived and breathed by that Abs Diet in college. I'll dive into a crunchy health food rabbit hole quick, see also my kombucha habit. (my primary motivation to live healthy is my family's propensity to diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and weight gain) 

Jeremy is naturally thin, he comes from thin people. 

Anyway, I'm rambling and the kids are getting up from naps. I'll update if we died or not next week.