It's Been a Year

August 23, 2020

It's officially been a year since we left our beloved south Louisiana. 

For 8 years we absorbed all that Cajun Country had to offer. Festivals, year 'round snowballs, boiled seafood as far as the eye could see, hot cracklins, the people. 

Y'all I had found my place in life with all those loud Cajun women. I'm far from demure, and standing in the hall before work talking about everything under the sun was good for my soul. 

For a year I haven't regularly sat, with our best friends, on the couch eating ice cream... every Friday night. That's been hard. 

Who would have known how much you could miss a hot as heck humid place where you are constantly fighting the mice in the cane field behind your house and predicting how terrible hurricane season will be based on the love bugs. 

Speaking of which, I haven't seen a single love bug in Alabama. 

Brandon don't hate me, this was one of three pics I took that weekend we were eating out and packing up. 

On the flip side, it's been a bitter sweet year. 

It's been quite the adjustment for me, getting use to Jeremy not being on the same work schedule that I'm on. After 10 years of the same schedule I expected that it would take some time to adjust. Yeah, he was gone for deacon stuff, taught, filled-in in the youth group, and played music... but full time ministry is on another level. 

He's gone a lot, and that's with him being very much focused on being here as much as he can. 


Jeremy is finally doing what he sat on my couch telling me he felt called to do in 2008. 

In my biased opinion, he's done a great job this year. Especially in a pandemic. Y'all we drove here, there, and everywhere delivering care packages at the beginning of this. 

All that to say, I lost my Louisiana license plate a year ago as I drove over the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway for the last time as a resident. I can't just zip to Rouse's (for the first time in my adult life) when I've run out of some random Cajun item. AND I've got to speciality order Blue Runner beans now. 

But at least Alabama as Community Coffee. 

And a really great church family.