How to Find the Perfect Wedding Band to Compliment Your Engagement Ring

July 3, 2020

Your engagement is an exciting time that is filled with anticipation for the next significant chapter in your life as well as the love and support of those around you. It is also, however, a time of planning and preparing for your wedding day. Everything that has to be organized for the big day, even if you are planning a smaller wedding, can accumulate into one majorly overwhelming list.


While many of the things you will need to organize will prove to be tedious and time-consuming, several items are incredibly fun to manage. For instance, trying on wedding dresses and selecting your hairstyle are both things that can make you feel glamorous and elegant. Then there is the process of finding the perfect wedding bands for you and your husband-to-be.


Jewelry shopping is one of the more fun outings that you get to embark on before your big day. Finding the right wedding band to compliment your beautiful engagement ring can be a bit of a task, though. Here are some suggestions that can help you to find the perfect ring to symbolize your official union as a married couple.


Start with the Metal


Firstly, you will need to select the metal that you want to be the primary focus of the wedding band. Some brides want to mix and match metals to provide a bit of contrast, but most typically opt for consistency. When you go with a silver band to accompany your silver engagement ring, for instance, the final pairing will almost look like one cohesive ring as opposed to two separate pieces sitting side by side.


If you are sporting a gorgeous silver engagement ring and want to find a complimentary silver wedding band that pairs with it flawlessly, have a look at the silver jewelry at for inspiration and options. You might be able to find some other silver pieces to wear on your wedding day that will help tie your whole bridal look together.


Stones or No Stones?


Traditional wedding bands are known to be simple rings of metal with no stones or embellishment. These can make for a classic look that easily compliments either simple or extravagant engagement rings. The overall look will be clean and simple to not overshadow the engagement ring that you already have.


If your current ring is on the simpler side, though, with perhaps a larger stone surrounded by a halo of smaller ones, you can create a complimentary look by going for a wedding band with similarly shaped smaller stones. Such an eternity band can add some extra sparkle to your ring finger without overpowering your engagement ring.


Some brides decide to go all out by fitting an eternity band that has larger stones with their already impressively ornamented engagement ring. Consider adding a pop of color, too, by selecting a band that has diamonds that alternate with other stones such as rubies or sapphires.