Coping Tips for Long Travel Plans

July 15, 2020

Traveling is an exciting and fun time, no matter the length of the trip, whether it’s a big family getaway or a more intimate couple’s vacation. No matter how exciting, however, that doesn’t mean that travel can’t take its toll, especially when you’re moving from place to place with exhausting itineraries.

To be better prepared, here are some helpful tips for best coping with extensive travel.

Think Carefully About Transport

Whether it’s a plane journey, a hire care, public transport, or all of the above, how you choose to plan your journey is going to make a significant difference to your energy levels and state of mind.

Try to plan your flight for a time that is going to fit in best with your routine, especially if you have young children. It may be wise to book an early morning flight rather than a flight at 2 a.m., for example.

It may also be significantly easier (and less tiring) to hire your own car rather than depend on the schedule of public transport, especially if this will mean many stops and changes.

Remember to Pack Pain Relief Items

Traveling is going to be more difficult if you end up suffering with pain. Even something as simple as a headache can be disruptive and uncomfortable if you’re out on the road without any pain killers, with stores many hours away.

Be sure to pack a small pain relief kit with you for long journeys, with emergency items like pain killers or even cooling relief gel, which may help with sore muscles if you’re planning a lot of physical walking or movement. It’s always better to have everything on hand just in case, even if you don’t use it.

Sleep and Rest is Important

Naturally, you want to make the most out of your trip, which means you might want to spend less time sleeping and more time doing. However, you shouldn’t neglect a good night’s sleep and a chance to rest between demanding activities.

Especially if you’re traveling long-distance and will be suffering from jet lag, setting aside a day or two initially to catch up on sleep and adjust to the time difference will be key for your energy levels and wellbeing.

If you have a packed itinerary, be sure to give plenty of time between activities for rest and for downtime, instead of rushing from point to point and risking burn out.

Think About Personal Entertainment

If you’ve any form of long travel, whether it’s a long flight or car journey, then think ahead regarding what to take to keep yourself (and everybody else) entertained. You may think you’ll be able to cope with a few hours in a car without anything to do but enjoy the scenery, but this can quickly become uncomfortable, especially if younger children are involved.

Be sure to take books, electronic devices, music or anything which will keep everybody entertained. If you don’t end up using it, at least it was always there as an option!