Things That Make Me Say Yay!

May 1, 2020

It's been too long! 

How have I not done a TTMMSY! in 2 years people? 

So for quarantine, let's work through some YAY topics and not just weekly favorites. I'll try and do this every Friday - and I'd love for you to comment and let me know what you are saying YAY! about this week! 

If you've got topics you'd like to see me cover, drop those below too! 

This week I'm talking all things little learner and what I'm using to help Harry learn his letters and sounds while we are home through the summer. 

Linky Links

Learning Dynamics - the phonics/letter recognition program I'm using to teach Harry his letters and sounds. This is also used to teach just flat out reading. We're working towards that but letter and sounds are my priority right now. 

Peachie Speechie - Youtube speech practice channel! 

Foam Letter Mat - this is the play mat in our play room that I use to identify letters as well. 

The Letter Factory on Netflix by Leap Frog

Aww! I almost forgot my friend Kirsten and her IG page - go follow @bringingupbeary - she has a ton of adorable ideas for kids activities!

the few items I'm using that I forgot about 

ABC Duolingo App

Khan Academy Kids App - I pick the letter we are doing that day and let him work it. He also likes to read books and do any number practice on this app.