High Five for Friday!

May 29, 2020

Last night I realized I hadn't blogged once this week. Maybe my brain just thinks I should be camping and went off the grid on its own. Who knows? 

I'm currently trying to figure out a better way to organize our days. With a toddler who naps from 12-3 a good chunk of the middle of the day is spent not doing much. I almost feel like we have to compromise school work for a hiking activity. 

To which you might tilt your head and say "school work?" Well friends, we are slowly but surely becoming more confident in letters and their sounds over here. It seems late, but in the hard reality of a speech delay he only became conversational last June - we started PreK in August - and in January he was mid year tested and hadn't absorbed what I would have liked to have seen on his own. 

So Mama Boot Camp it has been since March 16. 

And let me tell you, with the one on one he is doing amazing. 

I know I should have done more during the school year, but some things fall behind in major life changes. Sadly my idea to see what he would pick up without me pushing didn't work. 

Yesterday Jeremy had to run up to work on his day off to mess with a projector or something. He's getting stuff together to do a outdoor movie night for our youth. He also took the kids.

So after I got myself showered I headed up their to retrieve kids and let them have a picnic lunch at church, because after 400 days of quarantine it's fun to eat anywhere that isn't your own house.

I said it on IG last night, but he LaCroix summer flavors this year are amazing! Sam's Club is selling a flat pack of all three flavors if you're out and about. 

There's a reason Elliot always has bumps and bruises. 

Harrison made them a bed in a laundry basket, standard right of child passage. 

Elliot fell out. 

This is minor compared to him falling into a bush the other day. This is going to be my ER bill child. 

The kids got an indoor bath last night as well. 

Indoor bath you say? Well. The past two nights I've just thrown soap at them while they were in the kiddie pool. It's summer. 

Now for a few things I don't want to forget that I can't seamlessly smash into this post:
- Elliot thinks washing his hands is hysterical. 
- Elliot also answers everything you say by shaking his head yes or no. He is pretty accurate but it's hilarious. 

Maybe I need to do a year and a half update on this child. That could help.