Things I Bought & Liked | July

August 9, 2019

Another month. Anther round of things I bought and liked... and one I'll share later that I did not like at all.

Wet & Wild Photofocus Setting Spray | This is a repeat purchase that I will continue to repeat until a better dupe is pointed out to me. I use powder blush and contour so a setting spray is a must, and this particular one is a nice dupe for Urban Decay.

The Original Jade Roller | I've been tempted to get one of these for ages and finally sprung for it. Granted I can't tell if I'll look like Cindy Crawford when I'm 80 just yet, but it's relaxing, cooling, and de-puffs with all its facial massage like goodness.

Phone Tripod | I've got a big heavy duty tripod of my heavy duty camera. I wanted something lighter so family photos. This particular one comes with a bluetooth connection to snap the photo from a distance, I need to figure it out because I plan to get our photo in front of the mural on St. Peter St before we move. It also wraps around whatever and holds pretty well. I'm impressed.

Maledan Compatible with Fitbit Alta Band | I bought a blush color back in the winter and loved it, however my desire to wear a lot of black rubbed all over the band and made it lack luster. I got a plum color this time, and if you've worn a Fitbit for any length of time you know the importance to have a good band. A watch style band is what has saved me after wandering around the church trying to sync up to figure out when I was within 15 feet of it.

OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series | We got new phones... new cases were needed. I always go with Otterbox, I've managed to keep phones for years without damage and I drop mine a lot!

Physician's Choice Collagen Peptides | It my most ridiculous voice "YAASS QUEEN!" I adore Vital Proteins but I can't fork over that much money to it all the time. I used another brand that was this asme price but it made my tea taste more like beef ramen. This my friends is tasteless. TASTELESS! Finally the holy grail of Collagen Peptides.

Vega Protein & Greens | Another re-purchase. Vanilla is a first for me though, it had a big discount so I was willing to take the risk on a not-chocolate-flavor. It's worked out well. While I prefer a Paleo beef protein for my digestive system, this one is ideal for making my favorite macro bars. I need an easy on the go protein for when I can't make a shake and don't want to spend 2 bucks a pop on a macro bar.

Narwey Large Hanging Toiletry Bag | As someone who has lived hours from family for years and packed SO. MUCH. STUFF.  I finally said enough of not having it organized well (hello Enneagram 1 self) and bought some travel bags. I also grabbed a better laundry bag from the Target dollar section that stand up and is sturdy in the event you see it. I wasn't disappointed in this bag though, it was used this weekend with love from me. I'm making myself carry travel size of a few items, I can't very well wander around with a ginormous hairspray everywhere we go.

MKPCW Portable Travel Cosmetic Bag | This bag is the exact same print as the one above, just sold by a different Amazon company. Also, in love. I typically carry my makeup packed tight in one bag, brushes in another, and a wet sponge to boot. Seriously, get yourself one of these and its magical compartments if you travel often. No need to splurge on a travel bag.

Welada Skin Food | Another item that has been sitting in my "save for later" cart. It's super thick and perfect for nighttime. Especially while traveling. Just don't do like me and say you'll use it for day as well. This is too heavy for a day cream. I repeat.  TOO. HEAVY. FOR. DAY. USE. Otherwise, heaven. I like to slather things on at night in hopes of again... looking like Cindy Crawford when I'm 80.

Now I do have one product I was heavily disappointed in, but I'm going to make a whole post out of it.