Chocolate Hummus, Flying, & Unpopular Opinions

May 13, 2019

The photo Harrison had me take of him on Friday during the storm perfectly depicts life with him these days. Now I'm not exactly thrilled at the jumping off the coffee table, and I often try to stop it. But in that moment it was pure Harrison and whatever he had just seen made him dart off to his bedroom and return with a cape announcing that "I needa fly!" 

You can't very well stop that from happening. 

Especially since his love for pictures has grown and he needed this documented. It'll be a photo for the wedding slideshow for sure. Holding his cape back to make sure it fluttered in the wind and all. 

Sunday was dedication for kid numero 2. As you can see from his face he is nosey rosie. After seeing photos he was very interested in Torie's camera and Bro. David's beard. The baby loves to pet a man's beard. 

Elliot is beyond curious about everything. This will be the child that will take apart the DVD player just to see what's inside. 

I'm calling that now. 

I'm also going to state a wildly unpopular opinion, I hate Mother's Day. I don't mind things being celebrated in the comfort of your own home, but public celebrations and attention stress me out. Plus there's the pressure to dress up, have the perfect picture, be showered in nonsense. Can't I just get a nap, have some ice cream, and someone else do the dishes? 

In other news... 
Getting a car adapter for the pump this go-round was the best idea ever. This saved me from bathroom pumping during a work meeting. Granted the supervisor about died when I walked out with my keys and my big ole bag... but my girl bits were kept private at least.

Also. Get your self a LaVie. (use EMILY10 for a discount)

Our little tub o' mayo finally figured out how to roll to his stomach and back... and now I'm pretty sure he has got to be dizzy from the spinning. 

Is school not out yet? No?

I honestly thought this week was the last full week. Jokes on me.

Dessert Hummus was finally spotted in our area, thank you Wal-Mart! It tasted divine. I actually served it with apples, graham crackers, and pretzels. The pretzels were probably the best with it though. If you're curious about the taste, it's exactly like brownie batter... just a hummus texture. 

Our summer camping trip was changed from Buffalo River to Broken Bend, OK due to the distance. Major points for my parents coming with us and bringing my nephew. Harrison will have a blast and it'll be nice to have more people to talk to while we drink coffee outside all morning. 

And in the event of a storm... the kids can sleep inside somewhere else lol. I'm seriously thinking my nephew needs to sleep in the tent with us one night just to do it. This will be his first camping trip. 

Until then I'll just be staring at this picture and pretending I'm drinking coffee in the woods with my Keens on. #campinglife