Meal Planning Monday

April 1, 2019

This week is a hard core clean out the pantry plan.

Rouses just opened in town (it's a South LA grocery chain) and they mailed out $10 coupons for $50 or more spent... so we are shopping there. To keep it cheap I am planning the meat/veg/side game and not planning elaborate meals. Less ingredients = cheaper meals.

With that said, I shopped the pantry this morning and noticed 2 packs of low carb tortillas, a steam pack of sweet potatoes, pasta salad, and we have a bunch of frozen green beans and a few pasta sides left.

Monday | Breakfast Tacos (low carb tortilla, egg, cheese, sausage, onions & peppers)

Tuesday | Quesadillas (low carb tortillas, rotisserie chicken, rotel, cheese)

Wednesday | BBQ Chicken, Birdseye Cheddar Lentil Pasta, Green Beans

Thursday | Whatever meat is a good price, Alfredo Lentil Pasta, Brussel Sprouts

Friday | Another meat option, whatever veggie makes me happy, and the steam pack of sweet potatoes

Saturday | Country Pork Ribs, Potato Salad, BBQ Beans

Sunday | leftovers/eating out

Breakfast | My favorite smoothie. 

Lunch | Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Bowls

Snacks | Banana Shake or Avocado Pudding