Popcorn Boobs

November 16, 2018

When it comes to breastfeeding a second baby what I always see are images of little girls pretending to baby wear and nurse baby dolls. 

What I don't see are images of what big brothers do.

Being 3 1/2 and having never seen someone nurse a baby means you don't entirely get the concept.

You see we play the "got your nose" game half to death at this house. It has expanded over the past two years into "got every body part you have... and pretending to eat it." The game went a step further and he now pretends to throw up what he ate. It's a sick, sick version of "got your nose" that I would prefer never reached that last level.

So knowing that, you can see how Harrison would think nursing the baby is the baby literally "eating mama."

With that back story let me explain what happened the other night.

Harry has been on a popcorn kick and Jeremy was popping some in the microwave for him. He was getting irritated about something so I tried to distract him by pointing out the popcorn sound. Anything to prevent a meltdown over who knows what.

Well at the exact instance that the popcorn began to pop, and Harrison turned to pay attention to the popcorn and what I was saying... Elliot decided to unlatch.

So here we are with my boob out in the open in the process of swapping sides and burping and Harrison sees his brother eating and knows my boob is the source of whatever that entails.

That nutty 3 year old took off running towards me and got eye level with my boob, utterly (no pun intended) convinced that my boob was making the popcorn sound.

Just picture that in your head, an boob/eye level toddler saying "Oh WOW, ooo, wow, cool!"

Y'all I could not catch my breath from laughing. This is seriously going down as one of those memories I do not want to forget.