Must-Read Wedding Planning Tips

November 13, 2018

Planning a wedding is a massive job, and you should be prepared to have it take up a lot of your time and energy. Give it your all but also know when to schedule in breaks and make sure you’re doing a good job of taking care of yourself too.

While you want all to go perfectly, realize that there may be a few obstacles or setbacks you’ll likely have to deal with along the way. Keep it all in perspective as you plan and remember that it’s about the love you and your future spouse have for each other that matters the most.
With that in mind, what are the best wedding planning tips to follow?
Prioritize Your Desires
Planning a wedding will require you to think about a lot of different aspects and elements. What will help you out the most is prioritizing your desires and deciding early on what matters to you the most, such as:
·       The date
·       The venue
·       The outfits (dress and suits, for example)
·       The cake
·       The catering
·       The music
You may not be able to have it all, but at least this way, you’ll be securing what’s most important to you first and foremost. You’ll definitely want to make sure you’re organized and follow a plan of attack, so you don’t quickly become overwhelmed as you start to tackle the logistics.
Create & Follow A Budget
Another wedding planning tip that will help you find success as you prepare for your big day is to create and follow a budget.
Weddings are expensive, and there are a lot of details that go into getting ready for your special ceremony and reception. Also, you’ll want to think about where you two want to head after the wedding on your honeymoon!
Don’t panic if you’re short on cash for the big day or the getaway afterward. What you can do is research your financial options and make a good decision about how you’re going to go about securing the funds you need for your getaway. Regardless, it’s a wise idea to start saving money early as soon as you know you’ll be planning a wedding.
Do Your Homework
What’s going to help you out the most as you plan your wedding is to do your homework and research up front. Instead of making assumptions or going off of what someone else did, find out the facts for yourself. Investigate the following:
·       Potential wedding venues
·       Potential photographers
·       Florists
·       Caterers
·       Musicians
Look into each aspect carefully before concluding what it is you want and can afford. Collect contact information and important details as you seek out your options so that you can compare them at a later date.
Involve Your Spouse
Although your future spouse may say they don’t want or need to be involved, it’s in your best interest to get on the same page! Having you do it all may be an easy answer, but it’s possible this approach will create arguments later on as your wedding day gets closer. Sit down and make sure you both see eye-to-eye on some of the most significant and most important decisions before handing over money to any vendors. For example, it’s possible they will want to be involved in choosing the music for the wedding but won’t mind if you pick out the invitations.
Focus on the Food
Guests may forget about some of the details that went on during your big day, but they’ll always remember and judge how the food was! If you want to ensure your wedding is one to remember, then focus on selecting delicious menu items and having enough food to go around. You’ll be sure to hear about it if you skimp in this area or choose to serve only fish to people who you know don’t eat it.
Therefore, you need to have a wide variety of options and make sure guests are always being fed some type of fare as soon as the drinks start flowing. Take time reviewing your menu choices and attend a tasting so that you know for yourself what the dishes look like and will taste like on your wedding day.
Be Flexible
Remind yourself that there are a lot of moving parts and that not all you do will likely go as planned. It’s a wise idea to remain flexible and always prepare for the worst, so you’re never caught off guard. Have a backup plan in place for some of the most essential aspects in case you need to make changes at the last minute. Being rude or throwing a fit when you face challenges are only going to make you feel upset and the people around you uncomfortable. Know that you did your best trying to prepare ahead of time and let that be enough. It may help to hire a wedding planner if you’re someone who’s exceptionally rigid so that they can help you make sure all goes smoothly.
Enjoy the Process
Remember that your wedding day is a special and unique occasion that will most likely only happen once in your lifetime. One tip to keep in mind as you prepare is to relax and enjoy the process because soon enough, it’ll be all over and a memory of the past!
Have fun securing the details and planning your dream wedding because ultimately people want to see that you’re happy. Recognize when your stress levels begin to rise and take a step back so that you can compose yourself and then start fresh the next day. It’ll be a much easier job for you when you stay calm and concentrate on all that’s going right.
Your wedding day is a chance for you to show off your personal style and preferences and celebrate the love you have for your significant other. Take advantage of these tips to help you stay on track and have a rewarding experience pulling all the logistics together. Most importantly, stay in the moment the day of your wedding, so you have the time of your life and are able to witness all of your hard work pay off.