The One Where the Kid Turned 3

March 1, 2018

The price you pay when your birthday is two days away from your mother's birthday is that she gets to pick the cake and then attempts to put a Ninja Turtle edible wrap on your cake. 

Lucky for Harrison, ice cream is his love language so there was no disappointment over my traditional Dairy Queen ice cream cake request. 

This poor kid is going to think his birthday last for a literal week.

We started off Saturday by eating cake for my birthday... and he blew out the candles. Afterwards we ordered Johnny's Pizza for his birthday.

Sunday we went to Cracker Barrel for my birthday dinner.

Then Wednesday we blew out candles again and ate the remaining cake for Harrison's birthday.

Hence a birthday cake that saw two sets of candles, twice the singing, and a kid that thought he was the sole person being celebrated.

Now what's new for Harry at 3?

He's finally started speaking more since New Year's. He'll be starting speech this year for his delay, but the kid has really starting jabbering more.

Yay for longer sentences! 

Recently he has started combining our names... granted I'm still Tete against my will. Now he yells out "Tete Daddy" then if he actually wants Jeremy he follows that up with 3 more Daddy's.

I think of it like an old grandmother that calls everyone's name before she lands on the right one.

His favorite foods are ice cream and pizza. He will eat other things, and many other things when he's at the sitter... but all in all he does give a big cheer when pizza shows up. 

Harrison is a die hard water drinker. He absolutely refuses flavored drinks, and I couldn't be happier about that. 

On top of that his got a funny little sense of humor and is constantly pretending. He is usually a cat, dog, or turtle, but his ability to stay in character is hilarious.