Mid Week Rambling

September 6, 2017

It's only Wednesday, mind you, and it feel likes I've lived roughly 4 Mondays... except this week's Monday was a Saturday.

In other news, I have a 11 year old dog that refuses to go outside and a 2 year old that refuses to come inside. He had an epic sad attack after being forced indoors and covered in water and soap in an attempt to change his skin color back to it's original shade.

This is mainly caused by the fact that I'm digging up the garden the rest of the way in preparation to plant my winter garden.

Mama digging and pulling weeds = toddler shoveling dirt out of the raised bed.

The only things left are this lemon thyme, my strawberry plants, and a melon that suddenly decided growing actual melons was a thing.

Everything else, gone. Finished, it didn't produce and it can live out the rest of it's days over the back fence.

At the moment the winter garden is going to consist of carrots since I had such a good go of them last year, kale, collard greens, cabbage, and maybe another root veggie or two.

This past week marked 20 years since Princess Diana died. Which also means it's been 20 years since I stood in line at a record store waiting for a CD I had ordered on back order. There is also a Diana Beany Baby in that lineup of things as well. 

This past weekend I came across the Elton John single that I hadn't been able to locate. It was at my parents house. I also have a huge box of magazines that were released the week she died, lucky me, my grandfather was delivering magazines to stores at the time. 

Anyone else in the Anglophile crowd watching all the Diana documentaries they can locates this fall? 

So two things happened over Labor Day, 1) Harrison thinks he is a turtle and 2) he got to pet chickens and a rabbit. My sister doesn't know she lives in town and is currently housing an illegal rooster... but he just sounds like a baby sheep with that velcro collar on his neck. 

If you have a little boy I highly suggest trucking it to Dollar Tree this week, I managed to find a turtle shell, headband, arm bands, and weapons for 3 bucks. That helmet isn't one of them, it's my nephew's and Harry laid claim on it and wore it for roughly a straight 24 hours. 

And that about sums up life lately, except that small bit about how I'm basically doing everything at 50% because there is too much to do. Not my fave time of year at work.