Hand Pies, Popsicles, Failed Coffee, & Life

September 16, 2017

Five on Friday just turned into Everything on Saturday. 

Or maybe I should start titling this Emily's Week, much like my beloved children's book called Cookie's Week where a mischievous kitten (clearly ruled by a toddler mindset) destroys a different area of the house every day of the week. Except Sunday. Instead of destroying the house I have to clean, it would just be a series of events that never go quite right. 

Or I could just call it Monday. 

I live by Murphy's Law, surprisingly it isn't tattooed to my arm. 

This particular photo served no actual purpose in life other than the fact that I liked the way the light from the kitchen window was catching the leaves.

It's from a plant Harrison planted at the Ministry Fair at church and has surprisingly sprung up, my child has better gardening luck then I do.

In the land of basic white girl combined with sleepless mama I attempted to get an extra coffee on Wednesday. 

I say extra, not because it's "extra" in the basic white girl sense of the word, but because I made one at home and wanted my second coffee to taste different. 

I clearly ordered a skinny (and they didn't have sugar free) pumpkin spice latte (latte meaning hot coffee). I even went inside to order to avoid the work death trap that is their drive-thru line, or as I like to call it... coffee hostage. 

That wasn't good enough. 

They made me a frap. Ice cream. I was given pumpkin ice cream. 

If i'm gonna Keto cheat it isn't on a Wednesday morning at work. That's for losers. I'm buying legit ice cream and sitting in the dark, in bed, watching Netflix. 

The was a question as to whether or not I actually trashed this as I eluded to on Instagram. I did. I just didn't put it on InstaStories because another teacher was making copies in the room containing the large trashcan and I'm not that social media crazed to look like a nut at work. 

I look nutty enough as is, I don't need to be "extra."

Things were announced this week. 

I was involved in them.

I'm excited to branch out and challenge myself a bit while meeting other moms in the area. It's been a few years since I worked with everyone at 5 Minutes for Mom, and that time of my blogging life really stretched me and I learned a ton. Here's to more learning, or an I an old dog at his after 9 years?

Don't worry though, my typical nonsense will still be contained here; but a slightly more blogger professional version will appear there. 

As per the usual, I'm trying to grow my hair out. Bangs and all. I give it two years and a bout of postpartum again before I cut my bangs myself in the bathroom mirror again.

Dang you split ends for having to be cut.

Any other individual split end cutters out there? I use scissors and literally cut them one by one before breaking down and having a hair cut. For real.

We hit up Lunch Plate-a-Palooza today for lunch. It was stellar... but incredibly hot. 

Jeremy had Ribs with Slaw & Rice & Gravy from Johnson's. 

Popsicles from the popsicle guy... I'm failing to remember the truck name. Someone remind me. I had the Strawberry Pina Colada, Jeremy had Pistachio, and Harrison was covered from head to toe in Cookies and Cream. 

Praline Chicken, Shrimp & Corn Grits, & Cucumber & Tomato Salad

Blueberry Hand Pie, because we had to have a pre-popsicles dessert too.

Anyone else hit up a festival this weekend?