Food Network Star S13 Ep2 Recap - #TeamLibrary

June 16, 2017

On this week's episode of Emily hasn't been in town and near a computer so the blog has gone largely neglected... two people got kicked off the show.

On this particular episode that I've had too many sleeps since watching and can vaguely remember some details, Team Library also known as Cory + Stay at Home Mom + Mini Martha + Justin Bieber won the Beauty & the Beast themed challenge. 

Basically the contestants were divided into groups, gag... who on earth likes working in groups, and had to make dishes to go with brunch, tea, and so on, and also decorate a table. 

Sadly Food Network didn't show the sides of the team hunting for decor, at least none that I recall. 

All we managed to see were two guys leaving half their food at the store, Future Paula Dean school the Comeback Kid no one likes (leaving everyone on Twitter agreeing that he needed a leash), and poor Kao not getting her corn starch. 

The guys losing groceries were the least of my concerns, they were there and shopping. That's all their fault. However the Cao situation had nothing to do with her, she was in the decor shopping group and the one ingredient they left out of her set basically ruined her dish. 

In the end, Suzanne should have gone home and was looked over. Probably because she is a sub par character who doesn't stand out, aside from when she's on camera and you want her off the show. Justin Bieber (last row t the right) managed to stay on, but only because he was on a team that saved his life. 

I suggested he write them all thank you notes for allowing him another week. Boozy Sandra Lee ever said his dessert looked like poo. 

Instead the girl from NOLA was sent packing along with Granny Paula Dean. Paula Dean simply because she made a French soup the wrong consistency with the wrong potatoes (gotta be specific on these shopping lists because your teammates are thinking of numero uno people). I think NOLA girl's fate was stamped when she whipped out terribly predictable Louisiana dish during brunch? 

I cant' remember if she was in the brunch group. I know Cao was because of the Vietnamese Pancake Tragedy, but clearly she stayed on out of pity since it clearly wasn't her fault and she's proved she can in fact cook. 

So that's it for today, I promise next week will be more detailed since I'll be in town and able to write. 

If your watching and want some fun head over to Twitter during the show and follow the hashtag #FoodNetworkStar. I haven't seen many of the contestants on there, but Cao was last week and had some pretty funny tweets. Girl was dressed in the most stereotypical Asian outfit on earth, and thanks to Twitter she answered a long standing question... yes they are styled for the show. 

I gave her a hard time last week, but she redeemed herself this episode and was hilarious on Twitter. 

Still not a fan of over done Kentucky contestant. 

Dear other contestants... get on Twitter. During the actual show.