May 19, 2017

There are only 3 actual days of work left and I couldn't be happier! Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my job. However the break that is called Summer is highly needed. I personally need to rest, recharge, and get back to a normal state of being. 

I've hit that high-strung time of the year and it's time to wind down. 

1. First up I went to a Mother's Day yoga class that was all heart/chest opening poses and ended with a 30 minute Savasana with Acupuncture.

I love it. It was really interesting. This is TMI but my period started that day and this was the least severe period ever as far as everything goes, blame it on the points I had needles in (I looked them up later).

The only downside was when the needles hit my foot I nearly yelled and kicked the Acupuncturist. No bueno. My limbs were a tab numb, normal.

If you ever have the chance to do this though, do it.

2. Thanks to the Bacon & Cream Instagram account I got the idea to do this drink, it was amazing but the barista wasn't a fan of me. Supposedly the cream "curdles." It doesn't and didn't. You just have to stir it a minute to mix it in well.

3. The Sunday Confessions episode from The Podcast Project went up this week and if you get a chance to listen go and do it. Here's the link >>> Sunday Confessions

4. Little boys are so many kids of hilarous. He just needed to go swimming, so he got in the water table. End of story.

5. The longest and technically more than one bullet point.

5.1  - The sunrise on the way back home Sunday (Mother's Day) combined with the fog and generally way prettier-ness of corn fields was amazing. See also, sugar cane doesn't do it for me.

I'm from the land of cotton people. I need to see cotton or corn.

5.2 - The Sound Machine app saved my life when I was at my parents house. Not only did I forget my eye mask but I suddenly realized that after 2 years of sleeping with the sound machine coming through the monitor that I wasn't about to make it through the night. This little pretty is the exact same sound as my child's sound machine... and the app was free.

5.3 - My cousin Aaron married his very long time coming girlfriend Lauren this past weekend! It was a beautiful wedding and was so nice to see the whole family that night.

Dad, Joshua, and I

Just me and ole Joshua. Can you believe my sister's son is 7?!? Seems like yesterday I was posting pictures about him being born on this site.

Not the best picture, but he was in love with the skewers and chocolate fountain at the wedding. He didn't want chocolate, but he loved eating grapes off the skewer.

You can kind of see some decor in the background, weddings have surely changed in 8 years. I loved their favors, koozie in the wedding colors and cotton candy. The bridesmaids wore pale pink with gold and the groomsmen wore navy suits.

I wish navy suits would have been in when we got married, I just love the look of them so much better.

And that my friends... was our week.