Currently: May

May 24, 2017

Current book: M.C. Beaton "Death of a Bore"& the new Andy Cohen book
Current music: The Spotify playlist I made that's 80's and 90's dance to the extreme! 
Current [non]-guilty pleasure: Yoga on Saturday mornings... still

Current drink: 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar wtih 1/2 tsp Creamy Honey with hot water
Current food: Keto Waffles
Current obsession: YOD yoga & sleeping
Current craving: Cheese
Current need: a mama swimsuit that fits all my needs yet doesn't cost a lot. 
Current indulgence: Kerrygold Butter
Current bane of my existence: The last two days of work. I've been cleaning my room and the dust is insane... and I can't breathe. 
Current procrastination: Umm, working out... I'm blogging instead. 
Current confession: I ate Fruit Loops today, but they fit my macros. 
Current quote: nada
Current excitement: Paul McCartnery Concert & the Hot Springs camping trip.  

Current mood: I hate to say tired again, but when is bedtime? The end of school is tiresome.