Golf, Plants, & Books

April 13, 2017

Or maybe that should read in reverse order. 

I started reading Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf during our extra bumpy field trip last week and I'm really loving it. Wolf has been a Paleo-er I've loved simply because he isn't so hard nosed about everything. Listening to his podcasts to promote the book he's really taken on Personal Nutrition. 

For someone that likes a dang piece of cake on occasion, that's extra lovely. 

Rice isn't killing anyone. Unless you're insulin resistant, but that's another story. 

Point being, this book has been super eye opening at how our standard diet effects hunger. See also, this is who has be trying out the Keto approach to get rid of these last 10 baby pounds. With food by the way, no supplements. Protein powder and collagen peptides are about as far as I go down the powdered supplement rabbit hole. 

Now, in plant land. Or as my husband sees it, the hobby pit that couldn't sustain a household and he doesn't want carrots anyway. I added a few more to the crew this week. I got a Revolution Bell Pepper as well as a purple variety and two perennial strawberries. 

There's hope on the strawberry front. My little plant already has five little berries forming, however I don't suggest trying to grow from roots. That was a bust. I watched one too many episodes of The Edwardian Farm and thought I should plant from root back in the fall... that was a fall fail. 

I'll give you a rundown of what's currently growing and how it's going in case you're also a novice in southern Louisiana and want to waste your own money. 

Lemon Thyme - planted as a seedling and its going great
Garlic - planted from garlic in my Dad's garden, again great
Lettuce - Dad brought plants, they are spreading and regrowing easy. Having an aphid issue. 
Cucumber - Grew from seeds, they sprouted amazing but the spring bug issue is what I'm fighting. 
Bell pepper - just planted
Tomato - the originals were amazing until the husband ran them over. Long story. New ones planted. 
Artichoke - planted as seeds, no sprouts yet
Brussel Sprouts - planted seedlings, growing great
Melon - planted as seeds and the seedlings are great, not effected by the bugs on the cucumber end
Strawberries - roots were a fail, but the plants have been great. 

Yesterday, for the first time in 4 years we decided to play golf. Granted the course we were on was a club course but worse than the city course in Natchez. Go figure. If you caught my SnapChat you probably noticed I was complaining about the water hazards... and the fire hazard. This place had zero sand. Zero. It was a mine field of nothing but stogy water. I was amazed that one of the holes wasn't in the water. Clearly I loved it right?

Since it's been a solid two years since the two of us have even been on a driving range you can probably imagine our score card. It was lovely. Drinking a smoothie and then coffee before playing was a bust, having to back track to go to the bathroom was definitely not ideal. Armatures.

My only thought the entire time was the unfairness of men being able to pee standing up.

I'll admit to this, I made it 5 holes in before I said that my hands hurt too bad to continue on the torment. Once my ring has dug into my hand and it was effecting my drive I was out. Luckily it was just 9 holes and I drove the rest of them.

After the ill-fated round of "clearly we haven't played in ages" golf I convinced Jeremy to eat Indian food. That too was ill-fated. Never order the lunch special at Marsala in Lafayette. I was okay with it, ole J was not impressed. He wanted what he ordered, not a 1/2 cup of what he ordered and a plate of randomness he wasn't a fan of. This is not a man who will eat lentils willingly. 

Lucky for me Sam's Club made up for everything. In the event you have a business membership you need to go there this week. We buy all of our meat from Sam's and right now they have 10lb bags of Tyson chicken breasts as buy 5 and get $10 off. For a family that buys several bags a month that was super cost effective.