Five on Friday

April 29, 2017

I totally realize it's Saturday, but better late than never right? 

1. Finally after nearly 8 years of cooking for Jeremy and not being able to make spaghetti the way I want (which is just a thousand veggies) we finally landed on a recipe everyone can agree on. The recipe comes from the Against All Grain cookbook, Danielle Walker's first one. It's the Granny Sarella's Spaghetti Sauce recipe. The only difference I made to it was not using the pork chop. This is seriously heavenly and has a secret ingrediet that definitely made all the difference. Jeremy actually said that whatever I did that this was the way to do it for the rest of time.


2. This little skunk liked the pasta a lot too.

Don't think from the picture above that my people are eating zucchini pasta. Nope. Not one bit. Harrison will eat a little, when we were doing Baby Led Weaning that's all I gave him, but toddler sets in and it's not what the mama wants anymore. Instead I scoop out two servings of sauce and set it aside for myself and then mix the spaghetti into the pot of sauce. Easier than trying to convince Jeremy that zucchini noodles are a thing. He would stage a revolt.

3. Since having Harrison I was constantly exhausted and not myself, attributing it to just new mom problems. I've read about adrenal fatigue a bit but never jumped into it. I did drink a few adrenal fatigue smoothies while I was nursing, but with Harrison turning 3 next year I thought I better get myself in gear for #2. That, plus my continued love of anything crunchy, brought me to an article that said it takes 2 years for your adrenals to heal after having a baby. 

Umm, wow. 

I knew it took abut 3 to rebuild the vitamin and mineral stores your body depletes during pregnancy, but to know that my adrenals are out of wack because of it too was eye opening. So that's were the smoothies came back into play. Those and bullet proof bone broth are both favorites of mine. 

This smoothie though, helps with a little bit of everything that has been depleted, and I'll post the recipe later in the week. Just know it tastes like an Orange Julius. 

4. Two things here. For one he has started smiling for the camera (I didn't teach him to because kids look creepy when they fake smile). The second being that he waves his hands at the camera when you take the photo. Weird toddlers. 

He saw that Jeremy had bought ice cream last night and needed some, I think he asked for more refills than his father was pretending to hear or not hear for that matter. He was definitely cut from our cloth, love ice cream and pizza. Proof without genetic testing. 

I seem to recall Jeremy working Johnny's Pizza and ice cream into his proposal? Something about how we had to eat it forever, just kidding he didn't. He did propose with my favorite BBQ place in Monroe. I think he was trying to ensure a yes with food. 

5. Over is about the only word I have for Netflix right now, 3 shows have shown up that are pushing crazed agendas lately. My psychologist hubby has said nothing but negative things about how dangerous an entire show about sucide could be for teens, which it is. Netflix is irresponsible for releasing it. 

The second issue is ole Bill Nye the not very Science Guy and his awful terrible no good very bad series. It's absolute insanity. 

But this meme, it made me laugh about how dumb the Bill Nye thing is.