Hi blog, It's me Emily.

January 25, 2017

Slacking is basically my middle name.

Not a lot of new recipes. Didn't even post MPM this week.

Then in real life I never even clicked post on my lesson plans.

It's one of those weeks, where nothing goes right. I just need a bucket of ice cream and a do over. After not sleeping last night I realized what I really needed, to focus on what matter/what makes me chill the mess out.

When I start getting too high strung I know of three things that de-stress me:
1) bible study
2) gardening
3) working out

I've done two of the three today, #3 was not approved by the toddler. His Daddy was outside doing something and he was under a need level of severe.

I've also realized that work makes me feel out of control. The new grade level that comes with absolutely no data that's useful for the state test. That my friends is not fun. It makes me a Negative Nelly, and I'm afraid I've probably give off the impression that I am in fact just negative to people.

It's just hard when it's a hard year to not let it ripple effect into every aspect of life.

I wish I could write a post about how to not let it mess with the other aspects of life, but currently I need that post written so that I could read it.

Until then, I'll just keep doing bible study at tiny increments of alone time during the day, pulling weeds as therapy, and hoping around the living room to burn off negative energy while my husband comments that I should never try to take my act out in public.