2016 Favorites

January 4, 2017

This year I'm skipping sharing resolution, a year in review... basically all of the usual. 

2016 was the year that I found products I loved, and half of that could have been the fact that I turned 30 and did everything possible to quit aging!

1. RetinA - this has become my love of the year. After weaning from breastfeeding my hormones went wild and I had hormonal acne that I've never seen the likes of before. Not only has it cured that, I feel like my skin looks so much better.

2. Cetaphil & CeraVe - between their lotion and face wash I've been in heaven. My skin is no longer overly dry or overly oily. It's the right balance for the first time in ages. You can easily find these at drug stores so I won't bother linking them.

3. Beauty Blender - I've been using knockoffs from T.J. Maxx and love them. I can't imagine shelling out 20 bucks on a sponge. So really, try the knockoffs.

4. Baby Feet - this my friends is what feet dreams are made of. I'm stating it here officially, like I've said to friends, I'll never go to get a pedicure again. At least not with the purpose of having my skin exfoliated. Best foot peel on the planet.

5. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme - I was sent Truth or Bare and their Poutliner in Primrose from Influenster and I'm in love. This is another "venture of 30" where I'm trying to become a lipstick person. These are great nudes, and great rosy nudes if you're looking for one. After lunch today I still had remains of it.

6. It Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream - I know a lot of the beauty bloggers don't like the illuminating CC, but it gives my 30 year old easily dull skin a nice all day glow.

7. Milky Piggy - So far I've purchased my mother and I the Collagen Jella Pack, which is their sleep mask. I'm loving it, I use it twice a week on a non-RetinA night. It's super moisturizing and had a great smell. Next on my list are their pore masks.

8. Hard Candy Setting Spray - According to a few Youtubers it's been likened to Urban Decay Up All Night Setting Spray. This actually keeps my makeup in place all day much better than other drug store brands I've tried.

9. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sun Block - again this I feel is a product of 30, but it isn't greasy and my skin definitely needed to start wearing this daily. Especially after that appointment where they did imaging and showed what sun damage I had. Eek!

10. My beloved Camelbak - I've tried the Yeti craze this year people and I have to say I still prefer this water bottle. It allows me to measure how many ounces I've had in a day and I can drink out of it quicker than other bottles.

11. Naked2 Basisc - hands down the best everyday neutral eye palette I've ever had.

12. Women's Seamless Nursing Bra - Gilligan & O'Malley™ - no photos of a lady in her underwear here, but this sleep bra has been a dream. After nursing my girl parts haven't gone back into place, and I assume they never will, so a sleep bra has been a must. I use to be the girl who didn't wear a bra if I didn't have to, like IBTC member that could wear a sweat shirt without one and you'd never know - to now Mommy Boob Club and they touch my ankles. So this bra, and it's ability to keep them off my knees, heavenly. 

13. Fire & Ice Pickles - a friend gave me her recipe years ago but I'm just now getting around to making them. They're good people, really good. Here's a version I found on Pinterest of them >>>

14. Wanderer Bracelets - These handmade bracelets are made in Bali from water buffalo bone and support local artisans. They are super hippie chic and super fun. I honestly love the purpose of the company and their products, and even more so that they are affordable. If you want to get one for yourself use my code LABride20 for 20% off and the link >> http://bit.ly/2hSqnd9

The two in the pic below are a Lima Beads Bracelet in Large & the Hook Wrap Bracelet. I lost my Coordinates Bracelet during NYE and plan to order another one, I had our wedding location on it. Super sad face. They are super well made though, and sturdy. Way better than similar bracelets I bought in a street market in Naples.

15. Ghee - I got addicted to this during the Whole30 back in January and have used it in place of butter ever since. It's super easy to make and basically lactose free for those of you who stomaches disagree with dairy... like mine. Here's an easy Pinterest recipe >>>

16. Whole30 - I've been a long time Paleo lover and used Whole30 a lot when I was nursing to get Harrison over some sessitivity issues, but during January I did my first one that I stuck to 100% the entire month. Loved it. I also highly suggest it ti figure out what foods bother you, I for instance solved my bleeding gum issue with removing wheat. I've known diary was a problem, but a month without it did me well. 

So that sums up my 16 favorite products or such from 2016 that I loved! Tell me, what were some of your favorite product finds in 2016?