Friday Favorites

July 15, 2016

I finally got to wander Home Goods while my mom was in town. Their random food section is on point people! Like, ON POINT. I feel like I judge stores based on their random food section. 

About 4 years ago I was ordering Kombucha by the case off of Amazon while my favorite of all time --- Synergy --- was in the process of lowering the alcohol content from their brand. Kombucha Wonder somehow landed on my radar and I bought a ton. I haven't see it in person ever, so coming across it at Home Goods was dreamy. 

Plus they also had some red currant juice, which you typically don't find here (in this country really). That was something I became particularly fond of when I was in England 100 years ago. 

Harrison had discovered outside, or at least how to request he go out there. 

He's a handful of toddler, nothing new. 

What is new is that I finally ordered a Wifi SD card for my camera. I got the Toshiba one by the way. I'm seriously loving that I can get these photos to my phone so easily to share with everyone, plus I think it encourages me to tote around my big camera more. 

I do feel as though I'm cheating on Instagram, but let's be honest... most people seem to be posting heavily edited pics these days. Like honey bun, you should be posting more than just what a professional took. Quit pretending to be perfect. 

End fancy photo rant. 

While my parents were in we hit up a local pool. It had a lazy river, therefore my life was complete. 

This was Harrison's first time in a pool since last year when he was teeny tiny. He loved it, like beyond loved it! I thought he might get fussy at naptime, nope. The child passed slap out floating in his puddle jumper down the lazy river. The second time around I found a tube for us, he had to have stayed this way for 30 minutes solid. 

I'd also like to have a moment of silence for the disappearance of my youthful skin. Pre-25 I could tan like a pro and not even get a touch of burn. Post 25 I had on 70 from head to toe and still burned. The baby on the other hand, he had on the same stuff as me, reapplied just as often, and came out with that Puerto Rican skin tone I use to know and love. 

What is happening skin? Why did you stop loving me at 30? 

Also that swim suit... it's circa summer 2000 or 2001 and Speedo. Clearly we got our moneys worth since it still looks brand spanking new. I'm just glad teen Emily had the foresight to get one with tummy control. The post baby body thanks you. 

 I really don't know how this happened, but I am obsessed with Tati on YouTube. Her makeup tutorials are wonderful, she has a bunch of drugstore products she tests out, and she's just really funny. 

I'm typically not a makeup obsessed person, but she has given me a ton of ideas about how to change what I'm already using and what products I might want to try out. 

In other news... after watching a zillion YouTube makeup videos it appears that everyone loves the concealer that I've been using for 5 years. Look at me being ahead of a curve for a change. 

Since I brought my Tati channel love I thought I'd share this again, especially since it's been at least 3 years since I really touted it out on the blog. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is truly awesome. I use it every time I wear makeup and top it with some ELF HD powder to bake it. I actually pulled this particular photo off the interwebs so you could see the swatches. I like to buy fair, light, brightener, or neutralizer depending on what is on the shelf at Wal-Mart. 

We all know they never have everything stocked. 

I also use this for the highlight on my nose and cupids bow. 

Next on my face list is to update my night cream, start using eye serum again, find a glycolic acid face wash, and start using foundation. I've been a BB cream gal for a long time and I think it's time for more coverage for days when I wear more makeup.