Friday Favorites

July 2, 2016

Yes, I'm aware that it's Saturday. 

It takes awhile sometimes to get it together around here. 

Y'all one is a fun age, like a thousand times better than pooping 12 times a day and being a sack of potatoes stage. Can I just birth the next one to be one?

We took dude to the splash pad this week, he loved it and I'll spare you the pic of myself that Jeremy so lovingly posted on social media. It was definitely a pic for us and not a pic I'd like people looking at. See also... end of nursing baby weight that won't leave. 

Harrison is obsessed with water though, and I thinking of getting a sprinkler when we go shopping today. 

Please tell me someone else is in love with Jessie James Decker's YouTube tutorials! Well she put out a lip kit this week that was way more than I'd ever spend on a lipstick... and luckily I had something in my bag that was a pretty good match. Ignore the Snapchat filter, it changed the color a bit. 

My dupe is --- Jordana lipliner in Tawny & Maybelline Matte in Daringly Nude 655

How do you like the new baby lock system at our house? 

It works wonders and is a great alternative to not being able to find what we actually wanted. 

How I'm just going to Drug Emporium in Lafayette I'll never know. The husband and child weren't nearly as impressed, but it carried all my favorite brands that I have to order online usually. Hey Wish Garden, I'm looking at you. 

In nerd news, am I the only Anglophile crazy enough to take an eCourse from Univ. of Reading this summer? It's on Royal Food and Feasting... and they give recipes. 

Who's making a Tudor era tarte recipe this Sunday? I am!