The Southern Cake Series

February 9, 2016

The recent 50th anniversary issue of Southern Living prompted me to dig up some nostalgia in the collection of my grandmother's cookbooks that reside on our bookshelf.

There's basically a copy of every Junior League book in the Delta, plus many more compilation cookbooks from mothers and grandmothers across the state of Louisiana.

I've looked at many of these recipes, but it's been a solid 6 years since the last time I attempted to make one of the cakes. Blame the Caramel Cake debacle of 2010 on that one.

Pop is probably off still trying to saw his way through the icing and into that birthday cake.

Let it be known, Caramel Cake Icing is not for the faint at heart, or the low in humidity.

But I digress...

I started off with six cakes I was aiming to make over the course of the year. Let it be known I'm one who loves a good post theme, hence the Grandmother's Recipes tag I've been working on for years (there's a lot of recipes in her cookbook people, I may never finish.), so why not stretch it into an entire year of cake and make the most reoccurring recipes in my old community cookbooks.

Therefore, The Southern Cake Series was born.

Let's face it, I'm  not derailing from Whole30 once a month to try a cake and not tell you about it.

I like to talk about food too much to do that.

So over the next 12 months we will visit 12 traditionally Southern cakes + this month I'l be sharing my favorite birthday cake recipe!

I'm thinking that I finally perfected it, the cake is basically all my favorite things rolled into one and I've been calling it the Fluffer-Nutter Cake and actually thinking about and planning it for weeks now.

Because I'm just simply that obsessive.

Over the course of this series I'd love for you to share your favorite family cake recipes with me, and if you'd like... guest post about the cake and the story behind it.

Hopefully everyone loves this idea as much as I do, I basically just love the idea of having an excuse to make a cake every month for the next year.