Current Happenigns

February 23, 2016

Eating: Mainly Whole30 still. I had a bit of fun over Valentine's and then my Great British Bake Off obsession set off a world of baking, but my plan for the year is to stick to it but not be insanely strict. I mean, I'm baking a cake every month for The Southern Cake Series, I'm going to be having a bit of cake.

Reading: Bringing Up Bebe was great and I just started French Children Eat Everything. Overall I really liked Bringing Up Bebe and would recommend it, the sleep suggestions in there really helped kick out the bad habits that had developed over Christmas.

Watching: Great British Bake Off is my jam right now, and sadly Netflix only has the 6th season online so I'm watching episodes with peoples heads cut off and weird backgrounds on Youtube. I'm seriously that obsessed. My other show obsession as of late was The Supersizers Eat with Giles & Sue from the BBC. They basically just live in different periods of time and eat what those people ate. Plus Sue Perkins is hilarious.

Doing: As little as possible. With Jeremy's commitments to things I've had to take on the holding down the fort mentality. I really struggle with whether or not other people think I'm doing enough and often agree to things I don't want to do just because of that. Which is why this is the year of "no" and I'm trying to get away from that mentality. I really need to read The Best Yes, which I've been planning to do since it came out.

Buying: We bought a recliner, I know, super exciting. Other than that my main purchases are bread flour and yeast to further my ever growing obsession with GBBO.

Loving: I'm loving how independent Harrison is becoming, like right now I'm blogging while he plays with a book behind me. Glorious! I'm also loving that pumping is officially done. Now it's just breastfeeding until he weans, which I am assuming will be never and I'll end up on an episode of The Maury Show.

Hating: The weather down here. For once I'd like to have a real winter. The past two winters have been hot and muggy. I know Yankee's disagree, but I like for the single ice or snow day we get once every blue moon. Sadly I think we get more blue moons than ice days.

Crafting: Not a dang thing, not a single dang thing. Isn't that a shame.

Listening: I've recently come upon the Jamie Ivey and Marriage More podcasts. I really like Jamie, especially her podcast with Honey Holden. Marriage More is a little hit or miss for me.

Pinning: I've basically pinned everything Mary Berry on Pinterest lately. Again, Great British Bake Off.

Going: It's been rumored that we will go somewhere for Easter, visiting family obviously. Other than that I feel like my going only seems to be to Walmart and work.

Enjoying: Baking, I'm enjoying baking. After Whole30 I decided to do a cake series, which turned into baking everything off of GBBO and I must say that sticking to Whole30 besides the occasional dessert experiment is pretty enjoyable.

Hoping: That we get another cold snap before Easter.

Considering: I really want to start a garden, or at least get a herb garden going this year. We are also thinking about digging up the entire front flowerbed and redoing it. Low maintenance is going to be the name of the game.

Wearing: Clearly it's early Spring over here, or a continuation of fall. Who can tell anymore. Either way I'm wearing winter stuff and pretending I can get away with it until Easter Sunday. Then I'll cry in my hot tea that the weather is warm and there are no more lovely concealing layers to be worn.