I Heart Pinterest - Spring Cleaning

March 25, 2015

Spring has definitely sprung down south, our grass is a pretty green and the bushes in our flower bed are full of pretty pink flowers.

That makes me think one thing, cleaning.

Here are some of my favorite cleaning finds I'd dug up on Pinterest lately to help boost that spring cleaning mood of mine... maybe the baby will nap long enough that I can finally clean those ceiling fans.

This is a biggie on my cleaning list this week - as soon as the dishwasher quits running I'm going to see just how well this works!

I love this idea, neve thought to wash pillows before Pinterest existed. I used this for our throw pillows, but took all of our bed pillows and used bleach in the washing machine. It did wonders for the color and they smelled amazing. 

I have this one printed out and in my planner -  not to transfer it to the fridge and follow it to the T!

I'm pretty sure the grout in our kitchen was never sealed. That makes a huge difference with color and the amount of dirt it seems to hold onto. I used this trick by the back door where the previous owners dogs had tracked in mud and caused the grout to look muddy and disgusting. It worked like a charm and I can promise you this is going to happen to the entire kitchen over Easter Break!

I know they carry dusters designed for ceiling fans, but they seems to spread dust throughout the room more than anything in my honest opinion. Putting a pillow case over the blades to clean them sounds like a genius idea, but who knows how we'll clean that crazy high fan in the living room!

I alternate between this recipe and bleach water to clean the tile in our house. 

Here's my personal recipe for laundry detergent. We make this about once a year and it costs $20, I'd say that's not too shabby. Granted when Harrison's clothing starts getting washed with ours and not with baby detergent I'll probably have to make it more often, but for now once is year isn't bad at all.

I've been sitting on ths dryer sheet to clean baseboards pin for ages, this might be a Easter Break project as well. Now that I'm not insanely pregnant and all!

And to finish it off, here are a few more of my recipes for green cleaning. I try not to use a lot of store bought chemical sprays because they irritate my allergies. I feel like I have a serious cold if I use more than this and bleach to clean the house. 

What are some of your favorite cleaning tips?