PR 2: Rincon & the Lighthouse

July 16, 2014

Today is going to be mostly photos with a little bit info. 

Our second day in Puerto Rico we left the north west shore for the completely western side of the island. Rincon was a little over an hour away from Arecibo, and the drive was much nicer than the initial one from the airport. 

Rincon is known for whale watching during certain seasons and as a haven for the old surfers from the 1960's. It's a surfing community that is very laid back and does things on their own time. 

So expect things to move a little slower than island time. Suffer island time is a bit slower. 

The view at the lighthouse is Rincon is beautiful! 

 Locals swear you can see the Dominican Republic from there on a clear day, but after looking at a map I'm convinced I was seeing a smaller island in between the two. The local I'm referring to happens to be my Dad's oncologist who just so happens to be from the same part of the island that my grandmother is from. He said he's never see it though. 

 There is also an old nuclear reactor near the lighthouse, I'm not 100% if this was it or not. Either way they attempted to have a museum there years later, but apparently no one wants to wander around an old nuclear reactor. 

Can't exactly blame them though.  

 We've hit that age where the resident 4 year old doesn't want his picture taken, but he gets that honest from this mother. 

This is the only down side of getting family pics on vacation, the first one has Jeremy in it and the second has me in it. 

I should just photo shop myself into the first one. 

 Once we left the lighthouse we headed down to the beach side part of the city for lunch. We stopped at an old surf shack and had a ton of great food. 

I was actually sick to my stomach from the crazy up and down winding drive so I just snacked off everyone. Laura had a Kobe Beef Burger that was apparently divine, and Jeremy's and Dad's Grouper Burrito was great too. 

However, the fried cheese in the appetizer was my favorite. 

It really didn't hurt that the beach view from the surf shack was amazing! I really wish I would have had my swim suit on. I highly suggest just wearing it constantly on this side of the island, you just never know when you'll run up onto a really pretty beach.  

Probably the biggest highlight of eating out while we were in Puerto Rico was the fact that the US was playing in the World Cup around the days we were there and everyone knows how much Hispanics love their soccer. 

Literally every TV I saw was tuned into the games. 

Just know, what I've said about staying on this side of the island if you're making this a beach vacation still stands. Rincon is known for it's beautiful beaches and certain areas are great for surfing. 

Now for the travel to Ponce after leaving Rincon (we didn't stay the night there, it wasn't far apart at all) make sure you hit up a Frappe stand on the side on the road.  

They're basically just nonalcholic daiquiris, not enough dairy to call it a smoothie or milkshake. It's much more of a ice texture. 

I made it my person mission to taste the Pina Coloada at every stand I got to. 
It's my favorite flavor, but Mom's Nutella Frappe was really good too. 

This particular stand is Frappe & Piragua on Carr 115 (Frente al Mirador de Anasco). 

I though the Frappe was my favorite, until we got a Piragua in Ponce. 

But that's another post.