25 Days of Christmas//Holiday Style

December 11, 2012

I love fashion, my budget my not let me totally express that...but I love fashion. I also adore the idea of dressing up for holiday parties and wearing more sequins than anyone ever should on New Year's Eve, but we just don't have those friends. I could show up decked out, but I'd look like a total nutcase. One day when we have a pretty house, and are overly decorated for Christmas, I plan to throw one of "those" parties. Until that day comes I will just gawk at Pinterest and all its lovely fashion ideas. 

No lie: I tried to buy this awesome gold sequined sweater a few weeks ago and Jeremy asked me if I was Michael Jackson. 

Black sheath dress, statement necklace, and a top knot. Can't go wrong. 

Love the idea of a gold dress and black stockings with black pumps:)

A classic sweater is a great way to dress down a sequined skirt and pull it off for less dressy occasions. 

I could never in my life pull this off, but I love it!

Here is a Zara outfit I could never afford, but would love to recreate:

And because they had the creepiest window display of any store I saw in Italy last Christmas here is the last party dress idea...from Zara and their super creepy mannequins.