thirty things: 20 random things

July 7, 2012

1. My spinach obsession has turned into a kale obsession. I eat it at every meal, literally. Green monster, kale chips at lunch, and sauteed for dinner.

2. My sister can totally kick my butt, while I may be more in shape, that girl can throw her weight when it come to wrestling. We probably rough house to much, she totally put me in a head lock when I was messing with her last night.

3. Joshua calls me MeMe because when Laura was little she couldn't say Emily. It was MeMe and then morphed into Emmy, then Emma. I thought it would be fun if I was just MeMe.

4. My immediate family still calls me Emma. Most of my close friends from high school do too.

5. I love going to the dentist.

6. My love of working out started in high school when we were given the option to ditch girls PE and lift weights with the football team. I was so in. 

7. Jeremy and I are both the oldest children. 

8. I am terrified of lizards and snakes. I can handle seeing frogs but won't touch them.

9. I was never spanked as a child and don't totally believe in spanking. I think there are better ways to deal with things, but some little boys need their butt whooped to get the point. 

10. I love teaching but if the state keeps it up I may be looking for another career one day.

11. I use to sing in church stuff but quite once I hit high school. I didn't start again until Jeremy went behind my back and told the worship leader I should be on the praise team. Sneaky.

12. Pineapple is my favorite fruit.

13. While I love weenie dogs and their silly personalities, some days it feels like Napoleon Bonaparte is running my house. 

14. While I am really short, I am the tallest girl in my immediate family. My grandmothers didn't get taller than 5 feet so I didn't have a lot to work with. 

15. With that said Jeremy is 6'4'' and is the shortest in his family...except for his Mom. His sister is even over 6 feet. They make me look even smaller than I am haha.

16. I love black expo markers. Other colors get on my nerves, but sometimes I find a good blue one.

17. I love to window shop, but hate shopping with people who are spending money. It is annoying to watch other people shop when you can't. But I'll happily walk around stores alone all day long.

18. I love cooking and baking but my health conscious side keeps me from doing certain things and branching out as much as I like to. 

19. I could travel every single day.

20. I started blogging on Halloween 2008 to document our wedding.