If you really knew me...

July 24, 2012

I am stealing this post idea from Britt who also stole it from Kristin at Vignettes. What else is there to do on a Tuesday night when you're home alone...blog blog blog!

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I was really close to my grandmother and am really close to my mother. 

You'd know that I have two small dogs because we always had large dogs, I always wanted a dachshund. 

You'd know that eating healthy is easy for me, until sweets are present. I can't say no to chocolate anything.

You'd know that while I am a total extrovert I am a homebody, I married an introvert who loves to be out and about. Well I wouldn't really classify him as introverted...I can make just about anyone look introverted. I just like being home. But once I'm out I'm golden. 

You'd know that I don't use the dishes we got as our wedding china because I am afraid someone will break them and they are a discontinued line. Sad face. We have nice dishes and server ware but eat off paper...shame on me. 

You'd know that nothing gets me in an argumentative mood like hearing men talk about women as a lesser being. God meant for us to be helpers and equals. Not slaves. Submission doesn't mean doormat either. Mark Driscoll's sermon The Respectful Wife (podcast) is great on explaining this. Respecting and submitting to Jeremy doesn't mean I am silent and overly agreeable. Yes I have some things to work on...but I am not a lesser being than he is.  

You'd know that I am obviously a closet feminist...is a way. I am all for women's rights, but home girl won't be bra burning or wearing hemp anything. I guess I am just against the oppression of women in any way shape or form. Okay end of rant!

You'd know that I mean well, even though my mouth gets me in trouble. I tend to say the most inappropriate thing at the worst time. 

You'd know that if I am picking on you it means I like you. Yeah I know totally 5th grade, but I am from a joking family. If you can't take my jokes it hurts my feelings. 

You'd know that I like to sleep with my pups. Needless to say I am not the easiest person to sleep with and neither are they...so Jeremy kicked them out. At least I got to stay lol! Luckily Jeremy is heavy sleeper. I am sure I would drive a lighter sleeper insane. 

You'd know that when I can't sleep I either watch History channel or something on Jeremy's computer. Both of these result in me crawling all over poor J looking for the remote or the computer. Like I said, he hasn't complained once. 

Last but not least...

You'd know that I really do love my husband even though I pick with him terribly. People don't always realize that our (mostly my) sarcastic comments are loving and fun. Some people who don't have our sense of humor have thought we were arguing before. And I'll be the first to admit sometimes I take it too far, but I mean well.