Life Well Lived: Looking Your Best

March 12, 2012

This weeks Life Well Lived question is about what I am wearing this spring...more specifically:

What will you be wearing this year? What are your spring trends?

I love spring, it is the perfect weather in Louisiana. Summer is just to grueling hot to enjoy it. But spring is the best, the absolute best! First and foremost I break out the sandals, I am a flip flog lover, so anything straying from full out shoes makes me very happy. Spring colors are so much fun to wear, everything this time of year makes me think of Easter...and this girl loves buying a new Easter dress. Here are a few of my spring staple pieces:

- white crop jeans
- wedges
- dresses
- bright color scarves 
- Toms
- jean jacket
- v-neck shirts
- skinny jeans folded to look like crop pants
- khaki shorts
- flowing tunics
- nude pumps

My favorite places to shop for spring clothing are Old Navy, Loft, and Target. It it is really fun to mix and match bolder colors from the other two store with pastel pieces from Loft.

I am also a huge Kate Middleton fan so I am always watching out for what she is wearing and mocking it with what I have in my closet. 
Here are a few pics I pulled from Pinterest as spring inspiration along with a few Kate spring pics:

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