7 Questions

March 17, 2012

I am always late to the party, so why on earth would I be on time for linkys? I blog like I live...5 minutes late for everything. Now let's do some [7 Questions]!

This pic was taken in Italy at the Castel San' Angelo, that is the Vatican in the background. Needless to say it is the one pic Jeremy didn't make a crazy face in and my hair looked good..I can't say the same for my face ha!

1. Pick a boyfriend: Edward Cullen, Peeta Mellark, or Harry Potter
Without looking at pics of Peeta because I have no clue who he is I am going with Harry Potter. Now, I will say this out loud, but don't stone me...I could care less about Twilight so I honestly could care less about Edward Cullen. I have always love British guys [pick up an accent Jeremy *hint], and I love Harry Potter books/movies. So Potter wins, hands down.

2. If you HAD to have a crazy hairdo, what hairdo would you choose and why? (mohawk, mullet, etc)

Maybe something like this? I've always wanted to be blonde haha!

3. If you could be a celebrity what would you like to be celebrated for? (Dance, Singing, Acting, Reality TV [ie no reason], Political Leader, etc)
I hate stress, so I will go with no real reason like the Kardashian's. Reality show about my life, rolling in the money, all sorts of fashion opportunities for no reason...yes please! Trying out for acting gigs...heck no. 

4. Be honest- do you brush and floss your teeth daily?
I brush everyday, usually twice. But I forget to floss, when I think about it I do. 

5. What is one fear you are working to overcome?
I have always been terrified of lizards, snakes, and frogs. I have gotten tot he point (since childhood) where I can see a frog and as long as it doesn't touch me I am okay...at least outside. I can even take pics of frogs. One came in the house the other night though (1st time for this married) and I immediately jumped on top of the stove and started screaming...it was in my house and had the potential to hide, can't have that. Plus it was hopping like it was at a party. Jeremy thought I lost my mind. Now my fear of lizards and snakes is much more severe. I saw a snake at our old house and grabbed my keys, jumped in the car, and sped away, all in about 15 seconds. Snakes are no bueno. Now lizards will be the death of me. I freak out hysterically if they are in my house, especially the geckos. Last summer I got in the shower and noticed a massive green one, totally lost it! I have torn the house up trying to keep an eye on where a gecko was so Jeremy could get it when he got home, furniture moved and sitting on the counter crazy. Of course my psychologist husband thinks I should be "flooded" to get rid of this fear, I'd just stroke out.

6. White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Semi-Sweet (isn't that just dark chocolate)??
Milk Chocolate. Yummmmm. Milk Chocolate.

7. What is one trend you wish you could pull off? 
Hats in general, I just don't have the head shape to putt it off. And yes, I said head, not face. I have a big head, it is just hard to tell under hair, but if you ever want to feel my lumpy head just let me know haha.