Is it Fall yet?

September 18, 2011

I keep seeing pictures of people in other states wearing long sleeves, scarves, and just looking like they are enjoying football season and all the fall weather it brings. south Louisiana that is not the case. It has been in the 90's all week. We still have to wait to run until 8pm. Furthermore, I want a pumpkin but feel ridiculous buying one when it is 95 degrees outside. So here is a list of what I love, or what I would like to do for that matter.

1. I would like to wear scarves without being asked why I am wearing them. Granted they've been summer scarves, but I get questions none the less.

2. I want to buy a pumpkin, 5 pumpkins. I also want to put them outside and all around my house. But I am afraid they will die miserably in this heat.

3. I want to wear long sleeves and not have to dress like it is still July with fear of sweating to death.

4. I would like to go running whenever I want to and not have to wait until it is dark outside.

5. I would be overjoyed if it got cold so the ugly nasty lizards would go away. They creep me out.

6. I want to drink hot tea before bed and not feel so dern hot. I want to be warmed up, not on fire.

7. I want to make pumpkin butter and put it on everything.

8. I want to wear my coat, not because it is freezing in my ice box of a classroom, but because I need it on recess duty.

9. I want to bake without fear of the house feeling like an inferno.

10. I want to eat chili.

11. I want to pull out the big down comforter for our bed. I am sick of putting the AC as low as I can afford and yet still burning alive under the thinnest blanket I can find.

12. I want to open my windows and smell Fall