Happy Birthday Jeremy

August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear. What do you know, I actually remembered your birthday. (I regularly think it is the 8th) You are old, 27 if I am counting right. For some reason you age is hard to remember. I realize I sound like a senile 80 year old, but its true. Just remember, you may only be 2 years older than me, but you will always be 2 years older than me. Therefore I win on the age bracket. So in honor of your increasing age I will list 27 things I have not yet felt the need to kill you for. I would say love, but you know how much I despise outward sappy PDA. I think all those years of detention in high school broke me, haha, jk. Let's face it, it has been a tough year and we have done really well in it. My poor car not so much, but we did good. Not about material things anyway right (says the woman who mourned the loss of a paid off car).

27 things I do not dislike about you:

1. When we have grass...you mow it.
2. You are positive, I tend to not be...I feel like we balance each other out. No one likes positive people all the time, I have to interject to keep it from getting to happy around here (haha)
3. You don't mind cleaning, and often do it without being asked. That few months without you around really made me appreciate you.
4. You are a really nice guy, and everyone thinks that...so much easier than having to convince people you are nice.
5. You're love my dog, enough to get me Maddie...although those first 2 years with her she seemed like a present gone wrong.
6. You're a real Christian man, not one who pretends to be:)
7. You share my same views on having kids.
8. You get along great with my family.
9. I love that you offer to help me with my classroom, tall people are great.
10. I really like your height, as you have noticed the past 2 generations in my family have failed to produce women over 5'4''(5'2'' depending on the doctor). Don't let me down by having short kids:)
11. You cook really well, best fried chicken ever. However...that mess ain't healthy.
12. I really love that you have let me decorate the way I wanted to, takes a real man to sleep in an all white antique bed for quite some time only to move to a white and shabby chic rose pattern:)
13. I an so running out of things on here...like I said I am not sappy.
14. The End. Just fill in the blank for the rest:) haha.

Now for a hate one:
15. I hate that I had to search for a job like crazy my first year and the other day you get a call out of the blue from Monroe about an interview. You haven't applied in a year! Geez Louise! So wrong on so many levels.

So anyway, your a really great guy and I really do appreciate you. This has been a very interesting year. Even though we could have turned all of these obstacles into one big fight we didn't. A lot of people would sink under these "graduate school" circumstances laced with "murphy's law", but so far we are going strong and making a joke out of it every step of the way.

Love you and Happy Birthday old man!

From you wife whose sense of humor people rarely get when it comes to this marriage,