{meet the dachshunds}

March 10, 2011

I recently realized I spell dachshund different every time. 

For those of you who may be new to Louisiana Bride, I talk about the furbabies a lot...like seriously a lot. So, that you will know who I am rambling on about, an so that you will have a better idea of the crazy these two possess I thought I'd reintroduce them. I could write a book on doxie crazy behavior, but I'll keep it to one blog post. 

So meet the daschunds:
Meet Ellie.
She is an adorable narcissist who has no earthly idea she is a dog. If you have ever watched Family, she reminds me of Stewie. She is a Blank & Tan Soft Wirehair who has papers and thinks she was born to be a show dog. This ham prances often and vocalizes disdain. Her life goal is to take over the world, or at least the family. Her hair never stops growing, she doesn't shed, but Lordy I hate cuting it...and she does too. She has for 4 years been the family baby, until my sister brought another puppy baby home. Ellie has made it very clear that the baby is in the same category as Maddie{whom you'll meet soon}. Ellard spends her days laying out, watching TV, bossing Maddie around, sleeping, and begging for table scraps that she never gets. If you forget to feed or water her she will inevitably push the bowls around to make noise and get your attention. She answers to Ellie, El, Ellard, Little Monster, Baby Dog, and Wiener Schnitzel.

Meet Maddie.
She is the only dog at our house. What? You are wondering what Ellie is? Well, she isn't a dog, Maddie is Ellie's dog. Whereas Ellie does not believe she is a dog, Maddie is a dog through and through. Maddie is the dumbest thing you will ever encounted, if she were a kid she would be classified LD{learning disabled}. Maddie loves Jeremy, when Ellie and I have to get away from all the noise he makes with his guitar, Maddie will lay directly in front of his amp and watch him. Yet another thing pointing to her being as dumb as a sack of poop. She knows you are supposed to potty outside but is afraid to go outside at night, when there is any form of precipitation, or if there are noises. She is more willing to potty when Ellie goes with her. Just so you don't think Ellie just thinks she owns everything, Maddie is perfectly content being Ellie's dog. She loves getting bossed around...but still gets her licks in. You see, she is half crazed and gets cabin fever often. When these eppisodes occur she will  run Ellie crazy chasing her and nipping at her legs and ears. Maddie loves to walk, but walking Maddie is like walking a fish. She runs in circles because she is so excited about walking. She also smells every flower you could possibly pass. Maddie spends her time getting her ears and eyes cleaned by Ellie, running amuck, staring at herself in the oven, trying to understand what we tell her, and stealing any form of cotton she can get out of the trash. She is often constipated due to the copious amounts of cotton and paper products she consumes. She answers to Maddie, Moo, Moo Moo, Ellie, and Joshua.{the baby's name...she thinks he has food}

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my crazy dogs. If you happen to be a dachshund owner and have any advice on getting Maddie to agree to pooping outside let me know. Ellie was pretty easy to train, Maddie not so much. And if you just want to talk about your dogs, because I love to dog chat, email me or tweet me.