At what point does comfy become slouchy?

March 29, 2011

I read a post today over at Newlyweds Next Door and was inspired to do a similar post on my blog for teachers. You can check out her post here. Over at Newlyweds Next Door they are discussing whether or not to wear heels and ponytails to work in a corporate setting. Neither of those apply to me in any way. Teaching is a profession...but totally not corporate. 

Different Schools have different dress code policies for teachers, ours is pretty relaxed. I can wear flip flops if they are cute, any kind of pants except jeans (unless it's jean day), a whole hosts of tops(as long as the girls aren't hanging out), and school spirit shirts(if they are tucked in-but no one does that). As y'all have probably see in man of my OOTW posts, I am pretty casual. I tend to wear khakis, Toms, sandals, V-neck shirts with scarfs, button downs with a belted waist, and anything remotely cute that is comfortable. 

I honestly could not imagine doing the corporate job super dressed up deal every day, I might die. Now there are some things I won't do:

1. I don't wear t-shirts unless it's jean day.
2. I DO NOT show any form of cleavage. 
3. I don't go to work wrinkled. 
4. I don't leave for work without my hair fixed. 

Now this year I have reduced the amount of makeup I wear, last year I did a full face everyday...not happening. Now I will put on concealer, blush, and some mascara. But the full blown face for a class of kids does not work for me, I wear glasses and you can barely see makeup on my eyes anyway. 

But like they talked about over at and shoes tend to make or break you. So here is my question for y'all: What shoes are appropriate for work? How much makeup is not enough? And at what point is comfortable crossing the line to slouchy?