Happy 2nd Birthday Maddie!

August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to our 2nd dachshund Maddie! I just realized it was her age today while we were walking around the block. Considering the popularity of the blog baby breakdown for every baby birthday in the blogosphere I am going to do one for our furbabies this year. If this dog was a human she would be classified mild/moderate...I am convinced there are special ed dogs out there.

Oh Maddie Moo how you have tormented and destroyed everything in your path for the past two years. I can't seem to get onto you enough for he carpet fiasco at my old apartment. Thanks for taking the carpet off the stairs.

{September 2008}

It is hard to believe that when we got you, you were so tiny that after taking a few steps outside (attempting to walk with me and Ellie) that you would start whining to be picked up. Now you would walk around the block all day until one of us passed out. 

You love:
-eating cotton, pooping it back out is always interesting. You will sneak into any bathroom to take cotton balls and q-tips out of it. 
-digging holes so you can eat dirt.
-biting Ellie, ramming into her with your chest to knock her over, pulling her tail and legs..and all around torture.
-putting your neck on other people's necks. 
-treats, or as you know them, cookies. You only know them as cookies though because when I got Ellie Nanny gave me a big bag of dog cookies that Popeye wouldn't eat so we called everything a cookie.
-walking in a circle while you poop.
-Laura, now that she has the baby you don't really understand why you aren't being treated like the baby anymore though.
-being rubbed with a towel and having your ears cleaned out.
-getting a mouthful of food and taking it to the living room to spit out onto the carpet and eat piece by piece.
-laying in front of the amps while Jeremy plays guitar...even though it is so loud Ellie and I refuse to go in there.
-going walking
-bring big bugs into the house to play with them and setting them free to fly around while you chase them.

You hate:
-cats. It isn't that you hate them so much as you want to torment them too. You have never attempted to attack one, however, they have attempted to attack you.
-going to the vet, you are such a wuss. 
-anything Ellie apparently tells you to bark at.
-being woke up before daylight. You looked at Jeremy pretty crazy when he got up at 6:30 to go biking this morning.
-wearing your harness after we have gone walking and usually roll around and act crazy until Jeremy will take it off of you.

Overall you are a very happy dog. Even though you get into a lot of trouble and have chewed a hole in my favorite chair, not to mention the wall at the old apartment, we still love you. You nails grow at an alarmingly fast rate, and you hate having them clipped but I can stand to be scratched by you every time your mad that we won't put you in the bed. If you didn't have a funny personality you persistence to destroy might have made us give you back...I sure thought about it a lot of times, especially since you only know two tricks(not for lack of trying) and refused to potty train for a long time. I seriously think you have auditory hallucinations. Calling one of the TV dog therapist probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Just know that if you were a human I am almost positive you would have been sent to the alternative school by now for your antics. 

Happy Birthday to my only dog who only knows her name 75% of the time and is spaced out the other 25%.  
You're an interesting little critter and I love your quirks dearly...now that most of them occur outside.