Back in V-Town

August 14, 2010

Which could only mean that we are attending the 8th (maybe 9th) and final one of these-
-this summer. Thank the good Lord cause I am about sick of attending them. No offense, people we have attended this summer, but going out of town every weekend for something wedding related kinda sucked  away my summer happiness...I'm a homebody who had a lot of grad work to do(that was all done on the road and in a car). Luckily I have one more week though until this- 
-starts back. I am by no means excited about it either. The only happiness I can muster about it is that I start my internship which means I graduate in May. Hallelujah! 

**side note:
I actually ran into someone a few weeks ago in this blasted town who when over hearing me complain about summer school said not to worry I'd graduate from undergrad eventually. Do  what?!? I quickly said oh I did that last year, and that I was about to graduate with a of those things very few people in our graduating class know exist. 

Sorry, it is very easy to get offended when people assumed for years that I would not be the type to go to grad school, much less make it through college. Other than one or two people from my class that I know of not a dang one of them graduated/pursed graduate work. Funny how our guidance consular only helped out certain people because they were the "smart"ones. I was one of the luck few to graduate without ever having a single scholarship or free anything. 

I am stepping off the soap box now...slowly. 

Well, I must go. I have to take Laura to get her nails done(and mine done)for the wedding today. Just so happens I found a site that told me what I have been wanting to know for a very long time, Giada ei Laurentiis's nail color. OPI Bubble Bath. 
Have a good Saturday y'all!