{turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream}

June 23, 2010

All day I have been walking past the kitchen and immediately thinking "I should probably clean this up", then I continue walking. 

I have avoided the computer for most of the day because I have a 7 page research paper, two finals, and a case study to start on...which are all due next week. Aka the last week of Summer 1. Somehow I have knocked every last thing off of my extensive summer school to-do list except these things. 

I avoided starting lunch today by laying out in a kiddy pool{that is big enough to fit my pink floaty}, reading Greg Isles Devil's Punchbowl, and listening to the radio. 

Around 5 this evening I got a massive headache that took way to much Tylenol to cure, and gave me yet another reason to put off doing what a good grad student would do...homework.

I haven't even workout out to my new favorite aerobic dance video today because I've been so lazy. 

And now I'm listening to The Beatles. Go figure.

I need a good kick in the butt and to be possessed by Martha Stewart long enough to get some housework done. 

Good thing I'm not a housewife, because if I were I'd be a horrible one. I am a much better lazy college kid that hasn't come to terms with her age much less the fact that she has a ton of grad school homework to do this summer.