Snow that Sticks

February 11, 2010

Can you believe it? Snow that is actually sticking in North Louisiana for a change. Granted Central and South LA have seen snow that stuck this winter but this is a first for us. Not to mention school is canceled tomorrow, plus we have our two day Mardi Gras break so whoop whoop for a five day weekend!

{when I got home from work today}

{I realized it was actually sticking when Maddie came in the house with a white nose}

{front yard}
To be totally honest I have not walked through the snow yet because it is supposed to snow all night and I really want a picture of the yard totally untouched. And I will track down and kill anyone that steps in my yard. Just kidding...okay maybe I'm serious a little.


  1. whose red mustang? and is that ya'lls trampoline? i'm jealous, i want a trampoline in my yard ;)

  2. Love it, Em! Kill the fool that messes up your snow. ;)