{the death of southern charm}

February 27, 2010

Honestly, what has happened to good old fashion respect and manners. It kills me how people's kids and the people act themselves these days. Am I saying this because yesterday was PTC. Yes and no, that just put another nail in the coffin of southern attitude, chivalry, MANNERS.

It kills me the things people say, especially kids. I had a kid tell me yesterday "Why is it when {student} tried to get you fired they didn't fire you? That's not right!" He kept repeating it, and I was doing my best to keep the horror look off my face. Seriously, where is this kids parents? Am I really hearing this mess? He then went on to say "I'll give your 30 dollars to leave!" By that point all I could think, and what fell out of my mouth was "Write lines. I will not disrespect my teacher. 100 times." My eyes nearly burned a hole in this kid.

When I was in school, and considering I still am, we wouldn't dare talk to a teacher like that. Disrespect is such a huge issue it is just insane.

Earlier in the week I was told to "Go back where I came from." By that point I wished like hell I was 10 so I could set this straight. But there is only so much you can do, as in sit there and take it because you can't speak you mind without bigger drama unfolding.

So where on earth did that southern attitude all of our grandmothers had go? And who on earth shipped in a extra large case of hillbilly inbreeds with complete with a huge chip on their shoulder, bad teeth, mass amounts of ash tray breathe, and zero manners. These people are terrorizing the south by breeding and allowing their snotty children to seep into society and disrespect everyone they come in contact with.

What happened to the south as we know it? Oh wait I know, it's not just the south...this has to be more widespread.

Social services can't even save this new horrible generation from an eternity, or at least a century, from social hell. These idiots hate education and sure don't have one. And considering health isn't at the top of the list why in the world would manners be. Please can't we get an enforced vasectomy and put a stop to this.

Or at the very least offer classes on "How to be a Human", because the "How to be a Disgrace to Society" class has gone on long enough, and its time to purchase a new set of books. I suggest a lengthy titled one "Southern Charm and the Art of Developing Respect and Manners in the Lost Society."

Unlike many children these days, my Nanny enforced/taught southern charm and manners. I literally walked up and down the hall at her house one year with books on my head, and got quite good at it. She taught me about place settings, folding my napkin in my lap, and a host of other things that southern women did. She told me I am better than other people, and that is the attitude you have to have. Because if you don't think you are better than the next person you will never get anywhere{which is true, if you don't believe to some degree you're better than the next guy why would you even apply for a job?}. We read books. I was expect to carry myself a certain way, because if I didn't it would make the family look bad. I was taught how to tie scarves, do makeup, shop, take off makeup, and an ungodly host of other things this woman said I needed to know to be a woman.

Do people these days not have anyone to teach them how to carry themselves?

Give me southern society or give me death.