an unhappy camper

January 16, 2010

Now that I am at my parents house I can post my absolute favorite picture I took of Joshua after he was born.

As soon as the nurse put him on the table to measure him and diaper him he grabbed onto the top of his head and made it very clear he was not happy about being out. The nurse got such a big kick out of it she stopped and told me to take of picture of this.

And finally me holding Joshua way late at night and looking like it was 1:30am too. As you call tell my mini poof was slightly lopsided due to the fact I was basically asleep when I did it. But it was all good fun.

The little skunk has spent the afternoon pooting and pooping on me. I literally gagged trying to help Laura change that diaper. Nothing that small should be able to make that much noise or smell that bad. Lord knows if he wasn't a breast fed baby I'd probably die, I hear formula babies stink to high heaven.


  1. Enjoy the mommy milk diapers for as long as you've heard right about the formula diapers...oh, and those don't have anything on the baby food/solid food ones!

  2. At times like this one can only remember how sweet and nice they smell after the clean up. haha.
    Aunt S.