Amish Part of the MP Trip

January 9, 2010

How I forgot my camera I will never know.

I wound up going to Mount Pleasant with Jeremy even though I was convinced that baby would pop out the second I crossed the state line...but it didn't...and it still hasn't. We had a great time as usual, I love going to see his Dad and Sandy. Although Sandy cooks really good, I have to constantly remind myself that I can't eat everything or I will not get out the door. The really fun part though, to me, was that their crazy weenie dog Winston knocked up a Lhasa Apso and made what was a very interesting looking Dachshund puppy named Cindy Lou. Who did in fact look like a Dr. Seuss character. I wish I had a picture of her, she looked like my Maddie but with a less pointy nose and crazy fluffy ears that looked like someone crimped them.

But Saturday was the day that the Mustang wasn't big enough, I didn't carry enough cash, and I totally forgot the camera.

We went to the Amish Country Store and then drove around their community. The whole mission was for soap that Sandy swears by, and I found. I managed to walk out of that ladies house with 3 bars of soap, 1 candle, and some goat's milk lotion. Jeremy for some reason wanted a air freshener that smells like a banana snow cone blew up in your face, smells good, but it really makes me want a banana popsicle. Then I saw it. A Amish made ceder chest for only $110. It was beautiful! But two things were standing in my way, make that three. 1- I only brought 20 bucks thinking there is no way I would need more. 2- It wouldn't fit in the car with all of our suitcases in it too and I couldn't convince Jeremy to leave his clothing on the side of the road to make room. And finally 3- Jeremy. He doesn't see the point in this ceder chest. Notice Jeremy made it to two of the points, I should have left him with the Amish and taken the chest.

But going there made me seriously want to be Amish and made me want to pickle things and make soap. Too bad ole Jeremy wouldn't go for non electrical farm life.

Oddly enough one of the Amish stores was selling Lottery tickets. My comment on that one was "What do you get for a two dollar scratch off? A chicken?" To which Mr. James replied "Their Powerball is probably a cow." Needless to say the "Amish Lottery" gave us a good 5-10 minutes of fun.

When I find my camera I will post pictures of our hike in 20 degree weather to a frozen waterfall.


  1. traveled out of state with only TWENTY DOLLARS? Are you completely insane?

  2. i blame it on the debit card...i never carry cash either. but just today i went in to pay for some cokes at the gas station with some leftover christmas cash instead of my debit...the guy looked at my cash like i was nuts =)

    cool story by the way, i would have LOVED to have went to meet the Amish folks =) they seem like some of the most loving and kind people in the US. would probably do us all good to live with them for at least a month or so...but then again i have seen the movie 'king pin'

  3. ps, send me your email to so i can add you to my blog list =)

  4. i'm such a ditz, i guess i should've checked first, lol.