Sweet Potato Queens Giveaway

October 8, 2009

So I've been thinking I wanted to do a Sweet Potato Queen giveaway to celebrate my one year of blogversary on Halloween, and what do ya know when I went to the SPQ website today their main page has a In Memory Of the Queen Mother. She died on September 30, wasn't September just an all around sad month this year. So considering how much Nanny loved SPQ, and even included them in the cookbook I am typing up, I am going to do a SPQ giveaway. The SPQ are also big supporters of the American Cancer Society and are actually walking with the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on Halloweeen day, and even before...but especially since Nanny over came her battle with breast cancer our family have also been supporters of the ACS and I can't think of a better way to celebrate my blogversary other than giving away The Sweet Potato Queens 1st Big Ass Novel. These ladies are hilarious and if you haven't read their books I suggest you start, they have great stories and even better recipies.

So in honor of Nanny, The Queen Mother, and one year of blogging about all sorts of junk you have the chance to win a Sweet Potato Queen book, but there are a few things you have to do first.

1. Leave a comment, make sure I know who you are and leave an email so I can contact you if you win.
2. To get another chance to win start following me, not literally, and leave a comment telling me you did so.
3. To get yet another chance to win post about my giveaway, and leave a comment letting me know you did and a link to get to it.
4. To get 5 extra entries make a donation to the American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen in honor of Nanny and The Queen Mother. If you do so leave 5 comments all saying that you donated and to which foundation you donated to, and make sure to leave your email so I can contact you.

The giveaway will end October 31 so you have plenty of time to enter!


  1. I'm a follower and a commenter and you have my email address!

  2. Fun giveaway! I'm a follower. My e-mail: heatherlovesjosh@gmail.com

  3. love those sweet potato queens - we should go to the parade sometime.

  4. Hi Emily,
    I'm a follower and I've never heard of "The Sweet Potato Queens"...I'd love to learn more...Thanks for a great giveaway!