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October 5, 2009

I had a picture of Nanny that I had been planning to frame but didn't have a white frame(I am obsessed with white frames) or paper or fabric to put behind it. I just so happened upon this wonderful paper at Michael's Sunday and I think it turned out pretty good. I have it stuck in my antique room(Nanny's idea) and it fits in well. This whole weekend has just been stinking tough though. It hit me Friday that it had been 4 weeks and that today was a month and I just freaked out. My head seems to be keeping me from believing this is real all the time, I tend to go on as usual then all the sudden it hits me and I just cry. The picture below is just a close up of the one above. It isn't very good quality but I love it.

We had or friends Ashley and Philip over to hang out and watch the Saints game(I think, I didn't watch) and during half time the guys broke out the P90X yoga so Philip could check it out. Well as usual Maddie, who loves yoga, had to participate. Notice in the picture where Philip is doing the "upward dog" position Maddie is directly under him staring up like she is doing it too.
Now to back track a bit, Friday while working on the cookbook I noticed that oh so sneaky, and always the one to lie about what is in a recipe, left out the bread pudding. Not one to be easily defeated I looked up an old fashioned bread pudding recipe and called my Mom, she thought it sounded about right so I went with it. Nanny has been making this bread pudding for as long as my mother can remember but for some reason the woman never showed us how to make it, and it wasn't for lack of trying.
Here is the bread pudding pre-baking. All you do is tear up any bread you have from the week before and throw it in a bowl, add milk, 2-3 eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. Add what you think you need till it looks like a thick cake batter. Nanny said she always eyeballed it and had no idea how much stuff she put in it. When your done pour it in a well buttered baking dish and bake for 30-40 minutes at 350. Below is a picture of the finished product. I am working on her sauce, Mom thinks she knows how to make it. I just did a quick rum sauce that I wouldn't force anyone to eat. But the bread pudding tasted very much like hers.

On a side note...I think the kids are getting me again. I feel like I am getting sick.


  1. sorry its rough on you. hang in there i'm praying for you. love the pic

  2. I love old photos. You kind of look like a mix of her and your daddy. =) I still miss my grandparents desperately--- all 6, but it does get easier I promise.

  3. Love the photo!

    The bread pudding looks yummy!