klepto flashdrive finds

September 19, 2009

Yesterday I was digging through my purse for something and came across Pop's flash drive. I totally forgot I had this thing, apparently I am some sort of subconscious kleptomaniac. But anyway, I found all sorts of cool pictures on it, some incriminating to a certain individual. 

The photo to the left is Pop, Nanny, and my Mom in the 60's. And the photo to the right is Pop's parents in 1962. I am pretty sure I know where that picture was taken in Vidalia but I am not 100% sure. But don't you just love her dress, I just love clothing from the 50's and 60's.  Notice something else, Pop and Granddaddy look a lot alike...all the men in our family resemble each other. Nanny has one picture with Granddaddy down to the oldest of the great-grandchildren{I am pretty sure that is where Michael stands age wise to the rest of us, he is at least the oldest out of our group of cousins} and she always said that is how they look from birth to old age.
{click to enlarge}

Now this next picture is very incriminating to a certain individual...thank you Nanny for the photographic evidence hiding on your flash drive. I can't believe all these years I have blamed Nanny for my dogs love of people food and now I find this. Yes, that is my mother...and sitting in the same spot at the house that we have taken all the photos of Nanny feeding dogs {and grandchildren for that matter} things they have no business eating...I am onto you woman, sneaking around and taking a photo with no head in Nanny's spot so I'd assume it was Nanny once again sabotaging Ellie's diet with Little Debbie cakes.  I am shocked and appalled Mother, shocked and appalled. I would expect this behavior from the grandmother who carries her own set of rules when you bring great-granddogs around, but not you.

{Annie, Maddie, Ellie, and Popeye}

Now for a before and after...the chair to the left is the before...and the right is after.

Lucky ole me, Pop upholstered furniture in the 60's and 70's {am I right Pop?}, and the last time he had fixed up this rocking chair was in the 60's...notice the fabric that just yells "this should be living at Graceland with all the other green velvet." Have you heard the saying "the cobblers children have no shoes," well apparently his grandchildren did...that is what my Mom has been saying at least. I picked out the fabric, and got it on a really good sale, an Pop fixed up that chair pretty darn nice. And lucky me, now I have a antique Lincoln rocking chair that my grandparents upholstered for me to go in my antique room{Nanny's idea, since I have already high jacked Mom's antique bed}. 

Maybe you've noticed but I love antiques and family stories.


  1. Just stepping in to fill a need.

  2. Hi Emily, the pic. of Pops parents was taken in front of a Gulf station on Hwy 61 N. Natchez, on the right just before Morgantown Rd.

  3. I, too, am a lover of old pics. I love how people used to pose in front of vehicles back then. So many of my old pics have cars as props. Larry would love the gas station one. =)
    I have a shrine to my grands in my den, complete with copies of old family photos and some of their artifacts.

  4. I just remembered something else about the photo of Pops parents you may enjoy. Your great grannys hat is made from the same fabric as the dress--her friend Mrs. Vera Belluchi made the hat and it was beautiful. I am so happy to see you enjoy antiques and old pictures.

  5. Hey girl. We got an offer on our house and are looking to move to the Forsythe area. Can you give me your email address so I can ask you some questions? THANkS!

    Mine is casey.w.reeves@chase.com