September 29, 2009

I am kinda wondering who all reads this thing, especially after a comment someone made at a meeting today about seeing our first dance video. To make it even more weird I don't recall telling anyone about this site. Maybe it was through Facebook, dang Facebook. So if you read this let me know who you are...I'm just wondering.

Well this past weekend was good, went shopping with the Mother, tried to teach my sister to cook, and was just dang lazy. But on the bright side Belk finally got my coffee mugs in, which were ordered April 19 none the less, so my registry is finally complete. How many months ago was that again? Yes Belk is a slow poke.

Sunday lunch was a repeat, see Jalapeno Corn Cakes if you haven't seen it. And I did a round two on the cheesecake I am working on, and I think I have achieved the amount of pecans I was looking for. It is the same as before but two of the small bags worth and only one graham cracker, same amount of butter and brown sugar though. I may add more brown sugar next time and try to get the crust to more of a praline taste.

I am skipping class like a bad student tonight, but after sitting in a chair from 8-3:30 today at a meeting I can't stand the idea of being in a class/lecture setting one more second. So shun me, but I am losing my already partially lost mind.

So how was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. You already know who I am and that I read your blog. Its the folks you are wondering about that wont let you know they read. :) You could go to private if you really want but make sure I get an invite. Do you ever make homemade pizza? I did tonight but how do ya get the crust crispy on the bottom? It was good but only the edges were crispy. I am asking because you seem to be the only expert chef I know.

  2. what did I do on the weekend??
    lets see I think I ate dinner that you cooked. it was delicious

  3. Well you already know I read. :)

    I can add another to your list - Niki, one of my coworkers reads all on my blog list I think but she probably won't comment. She's a blog stalker, I"m sure you've got plenty of them!

  4. Hey, It's Aunt Jo Anna and I confess to being an avid reader of your site. I was hooked when your POP sent me the site while you were on your honeymoon and told us to look at it. So blame your POP for this one. xoxo Love

  5. Yeah, anybody that reads the blogs that have you on our blog list, can read yours. If you're public, they could be googling you and getting a link. Check your settings and you can opt out of it coming up on search engines. If you go private, you'd have to send e-mails to everyone that reads it--- that you KNOW reads it. Anyway, be careful what you say on here. Parents sometimes want in our private lives too. =)