Traditions and Etiquette {part deux}

April 10, 2009

I remember years ago at my cousin Jeanie's wedding they did a money dance, I was one of the cute kiddos holding the pins. And well I haven't seen this done lately with my own eyes, but several friends have suggested it and said they had fun with it at their own weddings. So here is a little of what I have found about wedding dancing:

Dancing at your reception is a lovely way to bring an air of elegance and family togetherness to a wonderfully happy and joyous occasion.

Traditionally, the bride and groom will be the first to dance as their special song is played softly. Lights dimmed low create a romantic atmosphere.

As the music continues to play, the father of the bride will cut in on the groom and dance with his daughter. The groom asks the bride's mother to join him in a dance and together they grace the dance floor.

The groom's father then cuts in on the bride's father and dances with the bride himself. The bride's father will then cut in on the groom and dance with his wife.

The groom will then ask his mother to dance. Following this, the parents exchange dances with the other couple.

The best man then comes out to ask the bride to dance and the groom will dance with the maid or matron of honor. Finally, the entire wedding party, ushers and bridesmaids join in the festivities. Once the entire bridal party and their parents are on the dance floor, the other guests are invited to dance.

The "money dance" originated as a custom in Poland, and is a popular tradition found celebrated in the weddings of today. It takes place sometime after the first dance and is usually announced by the DJ. It is customary for the best man to begin dancing with the bride, pinning money onto her gown or putting it into a satin bag carried by the bride, especially for the money dance. A newer rendition of this money dance includes bridesmaids and other ladies dancing with the groom, pinning money on his lapel.


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  1. oh god i have to dance at this thing?---laura